First off, can you tell us a bit about you?

I live about twenty-five miles out of Missoula, Montana, but I’m a snow chicken who spends winters at the beach in California—definitely the best of both worlds. I’m a workaholic. Writing is my passion, which works fairly well since my husband is also a writer. Traveling is my favorite thing to do when I’m not working.


Where do your ideas come from?

They just sort of come…I’m a news junkie so I know what is going on in the world. I’m also a good researcher, which stirs up ideas. Add to that, I love movies and TV shows. They give you kernels that turn into ideas which you can expand.


What are the scenes that are the hardest for you to write? Why?

Description and characterization. They bore me. I love writing action and romance.


If you could have dinner with any three authors, who would you choose and why?

Just for a change of pace, I’d choose Lee Child, Danielle Steel, and John Grisham because they are mega-successful bestselling authors. I would hope to learn something. I’ve met Nora Roberts a number of times and heard her speak often or she would be on my list as well.


Tell us about your newest release.

Here’s how I describe it: Take death threats against ten of La Belle‘s most beautiful lingerie models as they travel the country on a widely publicized fashion show tour, mix with macho bodyguards, throw in murder, mayhem, copycat killers, and millions of dollars in diamonds, and you have INTO THE FURY, my newest Brodie novel.   This is Ethan’s story as he goes toe-to-toe with Valentine Hart in a novel of intrigue, action, and steamy romance.



What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating INTO THE FURY?

I learned a lot about the lingerie modeling business—think Victoria’s Secret. I learned how difficult it is to be a top model and that they are very smart women as well as being beautiful and having perfect bodies.


How do the men of Brodie Operations Security Service learn about a threat aimed at lingerie models?

The head of Security for La Belle Lingerie hires the company to provide extra security for the models during their national tour after they receive threatening messages.


Who do they assign to the job?

Ethan Brodie is in charge, with the help of Dirk Reynolds and a small group of men Ethan hires to help.


What evidence do they have to begin their investigation?

Just the notes the top ten models received—until one of them is murdered.


Who is killed and how?

La Belle’s top model, Delilah Larsen, a beautiful brunette.


Who is Valentine Hart and is she in danger?

Valentine is actually Valerie Hartman’s stage name. She is one of the ten models who received threatening notes. Now one of the ten is dead. Ethan is worried the killer will come after Val or one of the other nine girls.


Why does Ethan tell himself to back away from Val?

There is a no fraternization rule—none of the employees are allowed to mix with the models. It’s automatic dismissal. Also, Val is a close friend of Samantha Brodie, Ethan’s cousin Nick’s wife. He doesn’t want to cause problems with his family.


It’s the secret that puts them all in danger. Is it aimed at Valentine?

There are plenty of secrets that put the women at risk. Val is definitely a target.


What are the names of all the books in this series?

INTO THE FURY, INTO THE WHIRLWIND (Dirk and Meg’s story), and INTO THE FIRESTORM, which features Ethan’s brother Luke, a bounty hunter, and Emma Cassidy, a lady hunting the same killer as Luke.


What do you love about writing about this family?

The Brodies are the kind of people who make America great. They’re strong, brave, and loyal. They’re men with integrity and when they love, they love all the way.


What novel is currently on your computer screen?

I’m just starting a trilogy set in Texas. The hero is a multi-millionaire so it’s a little different. I’m eager to see where the story will lead me.


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