The Random House Influencer Program is proud to partner with the talented book influencer community to spread the love of reading. Our program is very straightforward: roughly once a month you’ll receive an email with a list of all available new release titles from these imprints. Our program is focused on finished copies of new releases, with very limited ARC offerings based on availability. You can pick a handful of titles from the monthly email that you’re interested in to potentially feature on your account (you are under no obligation to post), and we’ll mail them to you. It’s that easy!

We work with influencers in the food and wellness spaces similarly but maintain those programs separately, so monthly selection emails for titles from Clarkson Potter, Ten Speed Press, Harmony Books and Rodale Books are sent apart from the other imprints.

Wondering if you qualify? Submit your application here, and we will be in touch if you meet our program requirements.

Want to request a specific title? Within three months of the publication date for that title, send us an email at (for bookstagram) or  (for food and wellness) with:

  • Your name and handle of your primary social media account
  • Your total follower count
  • Your mailing address (we are only able to partner with US-based influencers, please see below)

We will be in touch if you qualify!

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs below!


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are your requirements to join your influencer program?

Answer: Our typical requirements for our bookstagram program are that you have at least 5,000 followers on one social media site, and that you are US-based. If you have less than 5,000 followers, please feel free to submit your application at the link above and here, and we will place you on a waiting list, and reach out when you do qualify.


Question: I am not US-based. Can I still receive Random House Group titles?

Answer: Foreign rights contracts and distribution deals vary for each title, so we are unable to always send US editions of our books to non-US residents. Please check this link for information about non-US branches of Penguin Random House.


Question: Are there specific expectations about when/how I post about Random House titles?

Answer: You are under no obligation to post about the Random House books you select. While we appreciate your help in promoting our books, as part of our influencer program, we will never ask you to post on specific days or times or to promote a specific message or book. Paid campaigns will sometimes require specifically timed posts, but those are handled separately from our Random House Influencer Program (see the next Question below).


Question: I am interested in joining Random House in paid influencer campaigns. Where can I apply?

Answer: We usually run our paid influencer campaigns through third-party agencies, including Division D and Big Honcho. We recommend looking into these agencies in order to be considered for bookish paid campaigns.


Question: What are you doing in order to ensure that #OwnVoices reviewers receive ARCs earlier than non-#OwnVoices readers?

Answer: In addition to our monthly email featuring all of our new releases to our wider program, we offer periodic title-specific mailings to our #OwnVoices program participants. These participants must self-identify in our forms, and they are the first to receive these titles.


Question: I saw an ARC on someone’s Instagram story but I was told that early copies were not yet available. How did other people receive an early copy?

Answer: While we are the primary distributors of early copies of Random House titles to book influencers, other parts of the industry including media contacts, professional reviewers, TV and movie development teams, other Penguin Random House employees, author contacts, celebrities, and editorial contacts are also able to receive early copies outside of our influencer program. We are allowed a certain number of early copies for each title to distribute to influencers, which we do via the above mailing program.