Your Intuition Led You Here

Daily Rituals for Empowerment, Inner Knowing, and Magic

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An intuitive resource for using everyday tools for magical results, featuring 32 rituals to help you tap into your intention and self-empowerment—from the owners of the destination boutique House of Intuition.

“A must-read if you are into crystals, energy, and rituals.”—PopSugar

Alex Naranjo and Marlene Vargas, the owners of the biggest metaphysical shop on the West Coast, empower you to hear your inner voice and design your own powerful rituals in response. Part memoir, part ritual guide, Your Intuition Led You Here is ultimately a path to accessing the healing potential of magic, understanding your power, and putting your intuition into practice.

With wit, lightness, and accessibility, Alex and Marlene guide you through . . .

• How to create magic:
With thirty-two tried-and-true ritual recipes, this book is a uniquely knowledgeable guide on how to utilize the power of ritual to tap into intuition and inner knowing.
• Symbolism: Discover the symbolism behind key ingredients (everyday herbs, oils, elements, crystals) so that you can devise and personalize your own rituals.
• Rituals to manifest magic: Put magic to work with candle spells, protection baths, love jars, and box spells for releasing and letting go. Learn zodiac-personalized energies, herbs, colors, and the most energetically powerful days of the week to manifest your desired intentions.

Your intuition is a gift. In these pages, you will learn to hear it and respond to it with intention so that you can align your reality with your true self.

Under the Cover

An excerpt from Your Intuition Led You Here


An Excerpt from Your Intuition Led You Here: Daily Rituals for Empowerment, Inner Knowing, and Magic
This spell is wonderfully witchy. It’s one of our all-time favorite rituals, and one that we use a lot. Not only does the Coconut House Cleanse remove unwanted energies, but it also invites in your spirits, ancestors, and angels. One thing you should know before you start this ritual is that this takes more energy than you might think, especially if you live in a large home.
Coconuts pack in a lot of very powerful energy because not only do they represent purity, but they’re also known as an offering for the gods. As you’ll see, the coconut is kicked throughout your home, but never picked up while you are inside of your home. This is because the coconut is being used to pull any unwanted energy out of your space, so you don’t want to pick up and handle the energy within your home.
This spell offers the option of Florida Water in place of holy water. Florida Water is a common perfume that was first created in the 1800s and used in Victorian times. It’s named Florida Water as a reference to the Fountain of Youth, which is said to be located in Florida (maybe that explains why so many people retire there!). Florida Water has long been recognized as plant medicine in the spiritual world and considered effective for lifting negative energy. Witches frequently used Florida Water to remove entities and possessions, but it’s also a very mainstream product that can be found at CVS.
Do a Coconut House Cleanse when you first move into a home, much like you would do a physical deep clean. You should also use it anytime you sense an uninvited presence or energy in your home, or if you have a child who mentions seeing something in the house. 
Remember, children tend to be more tuned in than adults, so there’s every chance your child is picking up on something you are unaware of. This cleanse is also good for businesses that involve the kind of work that results in a lot of emotional or energetic residue.
Holy water or Florida Water
Coconut, with all hairs removed
Crushed eggshell (cascarilla)
Sprinkle your water onto the coconut and let it dry. Once the coconut is dry, rub the cascarilla all over it, until the coconut is completely white.
Take your coconut to the back of the space you want to cleanse (the point furthest from the front door). If you have a multistory home, start on the highest floor and move your way down. While praying, reciting a prayer or affirmation, or visualizing, place the co-conut on the floor and kick it from one corner to the next until you have covered the entire perimeter of the room. Remaining focused on your intention the entire time, continue moving through the house like this until you reach the front door.
When you reach the front door, push the coconut outside with your foot, then pick it up and walk it out to the street. As you stand at the edge of the curb, inhale deeply through your nose, filling your belly with air, and visualize gathering all of the emotions of fear and negativity from your space and being. Hold the air in your belly until it feels right to release it. When you’re ready to exhale, lift the coconut up to the height of your mouth and about 6 inches in front of it. As if you were fogging up a mirror, exhale all the air out of your belly and onto the coconut. In doing this, you are infusing the coconut with the power of your essence and the life force of your breath.
Lift the coconut above your head and express gratitude to your God, higher self, ancestors, guides, and whoever else feels appropriate to you. Then throw the coconut down onto the pavement as hard as you can. As the coconut shatters and splinters, it is breaking up all of the negativity both within your space and within you.
Pick up the pieces of the coconut and toss them in a trash can that is not located on your property. You might consider depositing them at a trash can in a church as an offering.

- About the author -

Alex Naranjo and Marlene Vargas are the founders of House of Intuition, which has grown from a small shop offering crystals, tarot, and intuitive services to one of the largest, well-known metaphysical brands in the U.S. Currently, there are numerous store locations sprinkled throughout California and Florida, with plans for more on the horizon. In addition to handcrafting an array of ritual tools such as intention candles and oils, House of Intuition offers a cosmic classroom of esoteric subjects, metaphysical services, and House of Intuition TV, a digital platform focused on sharing knowledge of spiritual practices that bring healing, perspective, and magic. 

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Your Intuition Led You Here

Daily Rituals for Empowerment, Inner Knowing, and Magic


Your Intuition Led You Here

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