Waffles + Mochi: Get Cooking!

Learn to Cook Tomato Candy Pasta, Gratitouille, and Other Tasty Recipes: A Kids Cookbook

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Explore the globe with Waffles + Mochi and learn about the stories behind the food we eat in this accessible, child-friendly cookbook, based on the Netflix children’s show from Higher Ground, President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s production company in partnership with Netflix.
Join Waffles and Mochi for recipes and cooking adventures that take you around the world—from Delicioso Stew inspired by Peru to a Pani Puri Party in California to making Hands-on Onigiri in Japan. These best friends discover how chefs mix fresh ingredients to create delicious dishes that make our taste buds happy. 
Each chapter begins with a simple recipe to master—like creating magical salts to dust over your dishes, boiling eggs four ways, and baking a potato that’s anything but ordinary. Then the recipes build from there. Before you know it, you’ll be whipping up Tenacious Tomato Salad, Chicken Sancocho, Kimchi Grilled Cheese, and Cloud Meringues. Are you ready? 
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Under the Cover

An excerpt from Waffles + Mochi: Get Cooking!

Cook Like a Pro!

My name is Yewande and I'm a New York Times food columnist and cookbook writer. 

I created the recipes in this book! I grew up in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, and all throughout my childhood our backyard garden produced herbs, vegetables, and fresh fruit year-round. I learned from a very young age that cooking is the experience of transforming fresh ingredients into exciting, unforgettable meals. I am thrilled to be sharing these recipes with you.

Even though I attended culinary school after college and spent years working in restaurants, bakeries, and test kitchens, these recipes are designed for anyone and everyone. Yes, there are some recipes in this book from some of the world’s most creative chefs, but they’ve been adapted and tested to work in your home kitchen—with tools you might already have.

Whether you’ve been cooking and baking for years or you are just starting your culinary adventure, these recipes will allow you to explore the ingredients, techniques, and—most important!—flavors that make cooking fun.

Cooking is an adventure! It’s fun when you’re curious, courageous, and, most of all, . . . prepared. There are a few things to do before you start cooking that should clear the way for a successful expedition.

Dress The Part With:

* an apron, to keep your body and clothes clean
* oven mitts, to protect your hands from the heat

Read the Recipe—from start to finish. The recipe is like a map to your destination. You’ll want to know where you’re headed before you begin.

Gather Your Tools. Now that you’ve read the recipe, you know what kinds of tools you’ll need. Take them out and place them nearby. Here are some common tools you’ll need for this book:

* measuring spoons and cups
* tasting spoons
* scissors for snipping herbs
* tongs
* small, medium, and large bowls
* baking sheet
* saucepan
* parchment paper
* whisk
* spatula
* strainer
* stand mixer or handheld mixer

Put Everything In Place. The recipe’s ingredient list tells you how much of each ingredient you need and sometimes whether it should be chopped, peeled, or grated. Ask an adult for help with knives. Many things can be cut up with scissors, too! Chefs like to have their ingredients prepared and set out so they can see them before they start cooking. This is called mise en place, which is French for “put in place.”

Plate Like You Mean It. Many people say that we eat with our eyes first—that means we want our food to taste good and look good. Be creative when you place your food on plates to serve. Think about where each color goes, how the shapes look together, and how the sauce is drizzled. There are no rules about what it has to look like. Just make it look good to you!

- About the author -

Yewande Komolafe is a Berlin-born, Lagos-raised food writer, recipe developer, and food stylist based in Brooklyn. Her professional career began as a pastry cook in classic French pastry kitchens. She moved on to work in fine dining restaurants in Atlanta and New York, where she was one of the first employees of Momofuku Milk Bar. Yewande’s writing and recipes have appeared in the New York Times, Whetstone, Food & Wine, Munchies, and the books Sheetpan Chicken by Cathy Erway for TASTE and Lindsay Gardner’s Why We Cook. Yewande has also appeared on a James Beard Award–nominated episode of The Sporkful, WNYC’s All of It with Alison Stewart, and Milk Street Radio with Christopher Kimball.

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Waffles + Mochi: Get Cooking!

Learn to Cook Tomato Candy Pasta, Gratitouille, and Other Tasty Recipes: A Kids Cookbook


Waffles + Mochi: Get Cooking!

— Published by Clarkson Potter —