The Light Between Us

Stories from the Afterlife That Help Us to Live More Beautifully Today

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Laura is a psychic medium. In the course of her work, she has learned many things from the other side. Perhaps the most important is that we are spiritual beings in human form. The greatest power we possess is the power to love. It is this love that connects us all – from the Earth plane to the spiritual plane. Anyone we love is linked to us by unbreakable bonds that transcend time and space; love is the strongest bond that exists.

Our loved ones who have crossed over to the spiritual plane are never lost to us – they are still around us…surrounding us and encouraging us to discover our life’s path and purpose, and grow to our full potential while here on Earth. Often times, they will send us signs to remind us that they are close by and that they love us. The other side tells Laura that there are no accidents. Each experience and each individual you cross paths with offers you an opportunity to learn and grow. You have the power to influence and change the world. Love is the force that can accomplish this. You may think you are just one small person on a big Earth, but your life has a purpose; there is a reason you are here… and it is always about learning to love and help each other grow.

Laura is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and a psychic medium; she also reads auras (peoples’ energy fields). She has been reading professionally for over 20 years. During a reading, Laura receives information about a sitter’s past, present, and future and acts as a go between for the sitter and loved ones on the other side. Laura feels that it is a blessing and honor to be involved in this process and welcomes you to explore her website and your own connection with the other side.

Laura currently serves as a Windbridge Certified Research Medium with the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential where she participates in afterlife research performed by Windbridge Institute Director of Research Dr. Julie Beischel. In February 2011, Laura was invited to become a Windbridge Certified Research Medium (WCRM). Her certification involved eight thorough screening, testing, and training steps during which her ability to report accurate and specific information about the deceased was scientifically tested under blinded conditions by Windbridge Institute Director of Research Julie Beischel, PhD. More information about the certification procedure is available here:

Laura is also a certified medium since 2005 with the Forever Family Foundation. and serves on their Medium Advisory Board. The Forever Family Foundation is a non-profit organization “that aims to further the understanding of Afterlife Science through research and education while providing support and healing for people in grief.” Membership in the FFF is free and and members receive a complimentary quarterly newsletter. The FFF also holds afterlife discussion groups, grief retreats and many other wonderful events throughout the year. Laura is honored to volunteer her time for various FFF events.

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Psychic Medium Readings

To arrange a reading, please email Laura at

Individual readings may be scheduled for either 60 minutes ($400) or 90 min ($600). All readings are done over the phone unless other arrangements are made. Laura will call you at the scheduled time. (Please contact Laura if you are interested in pricing and details for an in-person group reading). To arrange a reading, please email Laura at

Please include what days/times might work best for you (and the time zone you are in). Laura currently has a waiting list of approximately 12 months; however, please indicate in your email if you’d like to be placed on a last minute cancellation list should a reading open up sooner. Your patience is appreciated. Laura or her assistant will initially respond to you letting you know your name has been added to the list and then will contact you again at a later date to arrange a date for the reading.

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The Light Between Us

Stories from the Afterlife That Help Us to Live More Beautifully Today


The Light Between Us

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