Random House Workshops + Well Enough: Anita Yokota on Designing Calm and Happiness

Learn from award-winning interior designer and HOME THERAPY author Anita Yokota!

January 12, 2023 in Zoom

With a changing housing market, plenty of people are staying in their homes longer—with many even deciding to renovate or take on a DIY remodel on their own. Our surroundings and the way we design our interior spaces are more than just a reflection of personal style. The right lighting, furniture arrangement, and paint colors have a direct effect on our well-being.

Who better to help us survive that renovation road ahead than therapist-turned-designer Anita Yokota?

“Let’s be real, renovations come at two costs, financial and emotional. They’re tricky to navigate, and no matter the scale, they come with hundreds of decisions and each one of those decisions comes with a price tag. I’m here to share all the budgets, negotiation strategies, and checklists I have created over the past decade to successfully tackle any renovation from a financial standpoint and stay sane in the process from an emotional perspective.”

Anita Yokota spent the first twenty years of her career as a therapist helping people make sense of their story. As an interior designer, she helps them tell it. In her new book, Home Therapy, Anita takes you through the tactics and toolkit she personally developed to help design your home so that it reflects who you are on the outside while supporting who you are on the inside. From her four “domains” to improve each area of your home and mental health, to her signature method for creating spaces that will nurture mind, body, and spirit, Home Therapy is filled with gorgeous interior inspiration and the ideas that will truly enhance functionality of your home.

Random House Workshops + Well Enough are thrilled to offer a special opportunity to learn directly from this award-winning interior designer. Join us on Thursday, January 12 at 8 p.m. ET on Zoom, as Anita Yokota discusses all things home renovation! Bringing her insights, checklists, and do’s and don’ts, Anita will teach us how to survive any renovation and design a home where we can thrive.

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To reserve your spot, simply preorder your copy of Home Therapy from the retailer of your choice, and enter the order number from your receipt when registering for your ticket. Then join us for a session of creativity and aspiration.

Date & Time

January 12, 2023
8:00 PM ET
January 12, 2023
9:00 PM ET



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