5 Ways to Get Outside

Research shows that getting outside is good for your mind, body, and spirit, so embrace the crisp, cool weather before we slip into winter (it always happens too fast, doesn’t it?).


Take a walk

Bonnie Smith Whitehouse

Walking—especially midday—is great to combat distraction, anxiety, and creative block. Afoot and Lighthearted is a guided journal for walkers will teach readers how to harness the power of walking to cultivate and nourish attention, inspiration, and determination.


Spend time in nature

Marco Mencagli

Studies show that increased exposure to green space can result in a regulated heartbeat, lowered blood pressure, reduced aggressiveness, improved memory skills and cognitive function, and a healthier immune system. Just one visit to a forest can bring these positive effects, so what are you waiting for? Read more about the healing nature of trees in The Secret Therapy of Trees!


Go apple picking

Orin Martin

If you are someone who enjoys apple picking every fall, you should consider bringing that activity into your own backyard, literally! Fruit Trees for Every Garden has everything you need to start your own garden, big or small. Imagine how much better the apples will taste when you've grown them yourself!


Keep your fall favorites fresh

Jamie DeMent

Ok, so this one is less get outside, and more reap the benefits of your outside time. What to do with all that produce from your apple-picking harvest, CSA, or farm share? It's all about canning. Canning isn't just putting food in jars and letting it sit—it's sealing in the taste of each season and making food from scratch with more interesting and unique flavors. Read more in Canning in the Modern Kitchen!


Try forest bathing

Julia Plevin

Forest bathing is the art of spending intentional time in nature and is practiced throughout the world to increase health and restore well-being. More and more people are turning to forest bathing as a way to unplug, relieve stress and anxiety, and spark creativity. The Healing Magic of Forest Bathing is a guide that will engage and inspire you!

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