8 Books to Help You Start Your Year Strong

The new year is a chance to start fresh, with healthy habits, daily rituals, and a refreshed mindset. Whether you’ve resolved to eat better, take more time for self-care, or be more mindful, we have books to help you on your journey to a healthier, happier 2020.


Q&A a Day

Potter Gift

The Q&A a Day Journal is the perfect way to start your year, and each day! Filled with five years' worth of daily questions, this little journal records your thoughts and feelings, and you can look back to see how much your answers change—or don't!—throughout the years.


Run Fast. Eat Slow. A Runner's Meal Planner

Shalane Flanagan

Meal planning helps you stay on track with healthy eating, and this little planner makes it easy! This runner's meal planner, from the team that brought you the bestselling Run Fast Eat Slow cookbooks, not only helps you plan and track your meals, but also contains original recipes, training advice, and space for taking notes.


Fix It with Food

Michael Symon

We know that the foods that we eat can affect how we feel. Whether you are looking for a way to help manage pain or inflammation, or simply want to explore how you can feel your best through whole foods, Fix It with Food will be your guide. Michael Symon shares 125 new recipes, as well as a guide on how to identify your food triggers and create a meal plan that works around whatever ingredient causes your discomfort, so that you too can enjoy incredible food without sacrificing your health.


Veganuary (read: going Vegan in January) is becoming more popular each year, as people dabble in Veganism to cleanse their bodies after a big holiday binge. Thinking of doing the same? Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook has tons of fun, delicious recipes to spice up your Veganuary menu.


Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy

Robie Rogge

Get ready for a happier 2020! By starting your day with these prompts and exercises, you'll make each day feel happier, and you'll find delight in your surroundings, your work, your relationships, your insights, or your actions. Get a copy for a friend and commit to doing it together!


Quit Like a Woman

Holly Whitaker

For some people, "Dry January" is a way to start fresh after the holidays, or to put a clean break to the endless holiday partying. But if Dry January has you seriously considering your relationship and overall approach to alcohol, you might want to read Quit Like a Woman. This new book is at once a groundbreaking look at drinking culture and a road map to cutting out alcohol in order to live our best lives without the crutch of intoxication. You will never look at drinking the same way again.


Spellwork for Self-Care

Potter Gift

Take your Self-Care Sundays up a notch in 2020 with Spellwork for Self-Care, a guide for those who want to infuse their self-care routine with a little magic. This mystical guidebook provides readers with simple spells to enhance their daily lives, with topics ranging from relationships and emotional health to self-love, work, school, and more.


Wake Up to the Joy of You

Agapi Stassinopoulos

Maybe your New Year's Resolution was to get to know you a little better. In Wake Up to the Joy of You, with warmth and wisdom from a lifetime of spiritual seeking, inspirational force Agapi Stassinopoulos guides you through fifty-two weeks of letting go of what doesn’t work for you and finding what does. This little book contains your year of self-discovery.


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