#HunkDay: Guys With Glasses

Never Let You Go Monica Murphy

Ah, men who wear glasses. Did I start finding them attractive after watching Christopher Reeve in Superman? He was a hunky Clark Kent to my childhood self. Or there was the time when I was still dating my husband and he picked me up wearing glasses. I’d never seen him wear them before and I couldn’t get over how cute he was wearing them.


I’ve written a few heroes in my time who wear glasses, but my favorite is Will from NEVER TEAR US APART/NEVER LET YOU GO. Part of the reason he wears them is because well, he needs to but also, he feels like a different person when he has them on. And if you’ve read the NEVER TEAR US APART, you know why he needs to feel this way….


So for your enjoyment, here are a few of my favorite hot dudes wearing glasses. Oh, and here’s a link to an entire Tumblr account devoted to men in glasses. You’re welcome. 

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