#HunkDay: Heroes in Romance

Pick your poison

Whether they are the law or just barely manage to stay on the right side of it, there’s more than one kind of hero. Pick your poison. These romance heroes are searching for their heroine.


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The Supernatural Being

He’s supernatural and superhuman and super sexy.


The Bad Boy

He’s bad. He breaks the law. You want him anyway.


The Daredevil

Daredevils love a good fight, danger, and to rescue their damsel in distress.


The Nerd

Nerds read. A lot. About everything. Everything he wants to do to you.


The Veteran

He fought for his country and he’ll fight for you.


The Billionaire

He’s got billions. He can have anyone. He only wants you.


The Brooder

Wounded and aloof, only you can understand this dark, brooding man.


The Alpha

A leader of men the alpha hero takes charge of everything and everyone.