#HunkDay: I’ve Got My Eye on You

Hidden Heat Carla Swafford

There’s always something about men (rated PG-13 or cleaner) that I can find to swoon over. Right now, I’m all about eyes. That’s right—eyes. The windows to the soul. All of us love falling for them. After all, it only takes one intense, longing look to make our knees go weak; sometimes eye contact is more intimate than words.

So this week, I’m dedicating #HunkDay to all the gentlemen out there with beautiful eyes. Wink, wink.
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Jensen Ackles

There is something sexy about freckles and green eyes. Oh, yes.


D. B. Woodside

Eyes that you want to look at and tell all your secrets.


Matthew Macfadyen

Soulful eyes.


Channing Tatum

Patriotic, dirty, and those eyes!


Jeffery Dean Morgan

Now THOSE are the brandy eyes I read about all the time. *sigh*


Jonathan Rhys Meyers

King or vampire, love those eyes.


Ian Somerhalder

He is for sure not of this world.


Alex O’Loughlin

Wet eyes. Enough said.


Carl Urban

Sometimes you need brown eyes beneath masculine brows.


Sam Heughan

I would have to turn in my girl card if I didn’t include his eyes.