#HunkDay: Nerdalicious Hunks

Who’s scruffy-looking?

New York Comic Con is nearly here, and it’s putting us in the mood for all things nerdy. Can you blame us? Today on #HunkDay, we’re embracing our inner nerds and celebrating the geekiest hotties in this galaxy . . . and the next.


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Chris Evans

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Truly an American treasure.


Nathan Fillion

Captain Malcolm Reynolds

I aim to misbehave with you. . .


Anthony Mackie

Sam Wilson/The Falcon

Only someone as hot as you can pull off giant robot wings.


Zachary Levi

Chuck Bartowski

The transformation from normal guy to super-spy is oh so delicious.


Harrison Ford

Han Solo

Because no nerdy hunk round-up would be complete without the original scruffy-looking nerf herder. Totally shot first.