#HunkDay: On Top

The climb is worth the sweat

So, accepting a friendly invitation to do some simple rock climbing turned into this whole thing. In other words, I used my yoga pants for something other than grocery shopping in comfort and Netflix marathoning. Sigh. I came back with three valuable lessons about rock climbing from this day my friend called “so much fun” and what I will always remember as “The Day I Tried an Extreme Sport.”


Lesson #1: If someone asks you if you want to try climbing “Mordor,” say no. Just say no.


Lesson #2: Getting to the destination can be just as dangerous as actually climbing, so when you start having those second thoughts, turn your hiney back to the car.


Lesson #3: Never rock climb with people who consider an hour-long workout to be a warm up.

This week’s #HunkDay is in celebration for all those people who really can rock climb and look fabulous doing it.


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Makes my palms sweat . . . for two very different reasons


Morning Work Out

You know, just a simple, short workout to start the day



He can rock climb all right and in a kilt too


Grin and Bear It

Not much else you can do when you’re on the face of a cliff



Dude, if the goat is looking at you like you crazy, you crazy


Diamond in the Rough

Do you see it! His back muscles form a diamond!



Swinging Free

The strength it must take to do this!



Look at his forearm. Goodness.


Okay, wow

Sipping my tea while counting all of the muscles I never knew existed.


Taking a Looksee

Which way, which way