#HunkDay: Suit Up

Let me show you a few things

With the release of Irresistibly Yours by Lauren Layne, we’ve been digging the polished, tailored look of a hot guy in a fitted suit: nothing screams “class,” “sophistication,” and “swagger” better than a classic suit and tie. Without further ado, here are some buttoned-up cuties that make us swoon.

(This #HunkDay is best enjoyed to the sweet sounds of “Suit & Tie” by J.T. You’re welcome.)



Can’t beat the classic tux and bow tie!


Only Ryan Gosling can pull off a bold navy tuxedo. Kudos!


Man bun . . . beard . . . and suit?! TOO MUCH TO HANDLE.


Idris Elba . . . where do I even begin?


Justin Timberlake. White tux. Black trim. Ideal aesthetic = achieved.