#HunkDay: Morning Jog

It's worth it for the eye candy

It’s the new year and to look good in front of the family as we went around the table and announce our “new year, new you” goal, I blurted out running. Sigh, so much regret.


But! Something magical happened when I pulled on athletic tights that haven’t seen the light of day for *cough* months *cough*, cut off the tags of my year old tennis shoes, and started the slow torture, I mean joy! that is jogging.


Ladies and gentlemen, the eye candy. No one ever tells you about the eye candy. Why don’t more people ever tell you the bright side to suffering through exercise is all the eye candy!? So, get out there lovelies! Put on a torture outfit, put on some music that you normally only sing to in the shower, and enjoy as one shapely bod after another jogs by.


And remember, you’re not sweating, you’re glistening.


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Ready, Set, Go!

. . . those thigh muscles, 'do


Neighborhood Gem

This is why you should jog outside. No other reason.


Warming Up

It's important to stretch before you run. Very. Important.


On the Trail

Well, hello.


On the Track

Again, do you see the importance of stretching?


On the Road

Just his normal Saturday


Daddy Long Legs

Yeah, I might go running for this


Around the Bend

*casually checking for a ring*


Morning Jog

It's like taking a vitamin.


Rear View

'Dem arm muscles