How to Look Cute While Glamping

In My Not So Perfect Life, main character Katie Brenner leaves glamorous London life behind to help her father and step-mom run a glamping business in rural England. Glamping can be so much fun: connecting with nature, outdoor showers, and, of course, wi-fi. But how do you look cute while also needing to be practical? Here are some top picks from Sophie Kinsella to help you with your glamping expedition.

Glamping isn’t glamping without a pair of wellies - I love the wedges on these Hunters.

Perfect for a day down on the farm. But be careful of the nettles if you go walking in the woods…!

Too cute! Bring out the country girl in you with this adorable gingham top.

A wide brimmed hat is ideal for keeping off the sun. Or the rain!

And channel your inner nature-worshipper with a leaf pendant.

My Not So Perfect Life

Sophie Kinsella

And don't forget to take My Not So Perfect Life , now in paperback, with you on your next glamping trip!