The Art of Curating a Book Playlist

Choosing the perfect songs for the perfect moments

Butterfly Dreams A. Meredith Walters

For most authors, music and writing go hand and hand. Nothing can get you into a story quite like that perfect song.

Need to write a love scene? Then it’s important to find a sappy, romance driven track. Writing an angry break up? Turn on something angsty and depressing to get you in the mood.

When I start writing a book, I always create a playlist first. It helps me to connect with my characters and the plot in a way that is essential for me to establish the tone of the story.

So how do I choose songs for the playlist?

Very, very carefully.

If my book is heavy and raw, I tend to veer towards darker, more emotional music like Gabrielle Aplin, Ron Pope, or Plumb. If the book is sexier and less serious, I find myself listening to pop music like Paramore or Missy Higgins.

When I was writing Butterfly Dreams I began adding songs to my playlist that were a little bit of both. Butterfly Dreams is, at times, a heavy story about a woman, Corin Thompson, paralyzed by her fear, who falls in love with a guy, Beckett Kingsley, who almost died. Despite the serious subject matter there’s a lot of laughter and funny moments in the book as well.

So the playlist became a mixture of all kinds of songs that reflected the mood of the characters and the plot as it progressed.

So here it is. My playlist for Butterfly Dreams.



Imagine Dragons

This is very much a song for Corin at the very beginning of the story. She has issues. Lots of them. The book begins with her in the midst of a panic attack and Beckett, a stranger at that point, stepping in to help her.


Begin Again


This song describes Beckett’s state of mind after his heart attack. It’s about starting over when the plan you had for your life is gone. This is exactly where Beck is at the beginning of Butterfly Dreams.


Beautiful With You


I love this song because it perfectly describes Corin and Beck. Corin feels that Beckett is the only person who sees past her neurosis and cares about the woman she is underneath it all.


Fix Me

Icon for Hire

This song is a message from Corin to Beckett. She knows she’s a mess, but she hopes that he can help her become the sort of person that can let go of her baggage and really live.


Falling In Love

Falling Up

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. I love this song, though. It’s sweet and simple and describes that emotion at the beginning of a relationship so well.


Love You Madly


This is an energetic, fun song that I think depicts the lighter side of Corin and Beck’s relationship.


Our Story

Graham Colton

And this song sort of encapsulates everything that is Corin and Beckett. One of my all time favorites.