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The RANDOM HOUSE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM is a wholly unique business opportunity that pairs acclaimed writers published by the flagship division of Penguin Random House with like-minded companies in exciting and exclusive collaborations.

We offer opportunities to reach the built-in audiences of brand-name authors, high-profile experts in their fields, acclaimed novelists, thought leaders, essayists, poets, memoirists, and health and lifestyle brands.

For partners such as Amtrak and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Lands’ End and KIND Healthy Grains, and others, we consistently leverage creative assets that are singular to books and deliver campaigns that have global reach, bring products to life, and engage consumers in a custom-built experience.

From intimate luncheons to large-scale Fan Retreats, Random House welcomes partners to join us at events that connect readers directly with the authors they know and love.

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Current & Past Partners

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Partnership Features & Highlight

  • Live events, publicity, social media, video and newsletter integration.
  • Sweepstakes for email acquisition.

Partnership Features & Highlight

  • Exclusive author access.
  • Multi-partner campaign.
  • Advertising, social media, newsletter and publicity integration.

Partnership Features & Highlight

  • Access to early content

Partnership Features & Highlight

  • Original and exclusive content.
  • Gift with purchase component.

Partnership Features & Highlight

  • Exclusive live event.
  • Publicity, social media, print and product integration.

Partnership Features & Highlight

  • Television, social media, print, publicity integration.
  • Sweepstakes for email acquisition.