The folks at Bantam Books were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Gardner Dozois over the Memorial Day weekend. Gardner was one of the foremost anthologists and short fiction editors in the science fiction and fantasy genre, with an unerring eye for quality fiction. Over the years, he launched enumerable careers, giving many storied writers their first professional sale. And he always inspired seasoned pros to continue to deliver their very best—story after story, anthology after anthology. We were honored to publish several of his most recent anthologies, including The Book of Swords (10/10/17) and the upcoming The Book of Magic (10/16/18), which each exhibited every bit of the quality readers have come to associate with Gardner’s name.

Throughout his years both at Asimov’s and beyond, Gardner became a truly integral part of the science fiction and fantasy community, both personally and professionally. He was an inveterate convention-goer when his health permitted, and his larger-than-life personality and gleeful laugh made every gathering he was a part of memorable. Moreover, he was always generous with his time and advice—and particularly to newcomers. It is safe to say that Gardner changed the face of the genre forever simply by being a part of it, and for that we remain very much in his debt. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family. We understand keenly what they have lost—and what all of us who love the genre have lost as well.