God Gave Us Family

A Picture Book

About the Book

Little Pup’s wolf family is on their way to a special reunion—with lots of cousins, games, roasting marshmallows, and fun! As the young wolf thinks about different kinds of families, it’s the perfect opportunity for Mama and Papa to teach their inquisitive child about the families that God brings together. Some families are big and others are small, some are led by grandparents or just one parent, and some families include adopted little ones– yet each family is truly special.
Even the members of Little Pup’s pack make up an important role in his family, although they sometimes pester him. Papa gently reminds his son…
“We need to love the family God gave us.”
A heartwarming and colorful addition to the best-selling God Gave Us series, this tale will delight young hearts and help them understand how families of all types reflect God’s unconditional love.
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God Gave Us Family

“Mama, how come our family only has one kid?”


“Well, Little Pup, you’re the only child we have so far, and maybe the only one we’ll ever have. But we thank God for you. Your arrival made us a family.”


“Wally’s family has eight kids! And we only get one?”

“God gave them their family,” Papa said, “just as he gave us ours. Families come in all sizes.”


“We could ’dopt a baby,” Little Pup said.

“Adopt?” Mama asked.

“Yeah. Like Ben’s family.”

“That’s something to consider,” Papa said. “It’s special when a family adopts a child as their own. It’s kind of like how God makes each of us part of his family. Choosing us, loving us, forever.”


“God gives us family in lots of different ways,” Papa said. “Look at Graham the Goose. His mama is raising all those goslings herself.”

“Yeah, but they get to see their dad this summer. He lives on another pond.”

“Sometimes a mama or papa can’t be a part of raising their kids every day,” Papa said. “But they’re still family.”

About the Author

Lisa Tawn Bergren
Lisa T. Bergren is the author of over forty books, with more than 3.3 million copies sold. Her work includes children’s books, historical and contemporary fiction, women’s nonfiction, and gift books. A freelance writer and editor, Lisa lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She and her husband, Tim, are the parents of three children. More by Lisa Tawn Bergren
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David Hohn
David Hohn is an award-winning illustrator who graduated with honors from the Maryland Institute college of Art. He lives in Portland, Oregon. More by David Hohn
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