Meet the Bookstagrammer

Sol of @TheSolReader on her favorite books and bookstores

October 20, 2020 in Virtual Event

In our new series Meet the Bookstagrammer, Random House social media associate Megan Tripp introduces us to the faces behind our favorite bookstagram accounts on Instagram.

On Tuesday, October 20 at 12:30 PM ET, join us at @RandomHouse on Instagram as we meet Sol of @TheSolReader, who will share her favorite books, bookstores, and reading routines.

To navigate this unprecedented time, we need all the help we can get. That means sharing knowledge, staying connected, keeping each other’s spirits up—and learning a lot about video chatting.

To do our part, we’ve done the latter, and we’re so happy to introduce our new Virtual Events Series. Through a number of online-only events each week, our authors will share information from their books—and their hearts—to help you get through the coming days. Whether you need cooking inspiration, tips on how to form new habits, a weekly dose of mindfulness, or just a fulfilling book club chat, we hope these events will fill your mind and ease your load.

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October 20, 2020
12:30PM ET to 1:00PM ET


Virtual Event

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