Getting Inside

A Seattle Grizzlies Novel

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They’re big. They’re hot. And they play hard.

In the kickoff to Serena Bell’s sexy new football romance series, the heat between a female coach and a cocky linebacker turns the Seattle Grizzlies locker room upside down.

Iona: There’s nothing like the rush of going head-to-head with the boys. Football is my life, and I got my new job with the Seattle Grizzlies because I know how to play rough. But as a woman in a man’s game, I can’t afford any distractions—like panty-melting tabloid darling Ty Williams, my star linebacker. I’ve stared down plenty of good-looking players without losing my cool . . . and yet something about Ty’s intense gaze burns straight to my core.

Ty: Despite what they say in the press, I save my best moves for game day. The Grizzlies aren’t just my teammates, they’re my brothers—no way am I going to let some new coach shake up our defense. But Iona Thomas isn’t just some coach. It’s so tough to keep my head in the game when I’d rather be in bed with her. She may take charge at practice, but if I had her in my arms, I’d be choosing the plays. I just need to figure out what makes her tick—and what makes her want to break the rules.

Praise for Getting Inside

“Readers will look forward to getting to know more of the Seattle Grizzlies. . . . [Serena] Bell scores a touchdown with her fresh and fast-paced first Seattle Grizzlies sports contemporary.”Publishers Weekly

“Readers will root for the success of the Grizzlies and for Ty and Iona’s relationship on and off the field.”Library Journal

Getting Inside is a sexy and entertaining sports romance.”—All About Romance

Getting Inside mixes in a little humor with its romance. I found myself laughing at little things the characters thought or said throughout the book, which kept is light and entertaining.”—Hines and Bigham’s Literary Tryst

“The premise is entertaining; the characters are colorful; the romance is sexy.”—The Reading Cafe

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Getting Inside is a short novel about going long. Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title!

Under the Cover

An excerpt from Getting Inside

“So what’d you want to see me about?” Coach asks.

No point in beating around the bush. “Coach Brogan.”

Coach gives me a long, level look. “I wondered if it was that. I’ve got some news I think you’ll be happy to hear. We let Brogan go.”

Well, whaddya know about that? I school my face and don’t let my joy show. It took me awhile to figure this out, but in the pros, it doesn’t pay to have an opinion unless you’re asked.

“I know how difficult Mack’s death was for you, Ty.”

Yeah. Well. Not gonna get into that.

“We know no one can replace Mack or mean what he meant to you,” Coach says. “We hired Brogan because he supposedly shared Mack’s philosophy and we thought the transition would go easier, but we were wrong.”

I don’t say anything.

“Look. Ty. I’m going to level with you. Brogan’s been saying for weeks that he can’t work with you. He wanted us to release you. Said it was you or him.”

Shit. I should have seen something like this coming. We’re 1–6 and when you’re losing that badly, people get twitchy and start to point fingers.

“And there are some people—people whose opinions count—who bought his version of things.”

“That’s—” There’s an iron grip around my lungs.

Coach shakes his head, cutting me off. “Obviously, I’m not one of them. And obviously, my side won out. Brogan’s gone. But Ty—what the heck was going on with you guys?”

I gulp air around the tightness. “He was breaking them. You know? Like trying to crush their wills, like he thought they were horses or something. And I can take it, but it was ripping O to shreds. You can’t play good defense—hell, you can’t play any kind of football—like that.”

“So you’ve been fighting Brogan because you’re standing up for your teammates.”

That makes it sound nobler than it was. I’ve been getting so damned pissed on their behalf that I can’t keep it under wraps most of the time. So in answer to Coach’s question, I sort of…shrug.

Coach nods thoughtfully. “Yeah. I told them you had your reasons.” He leans forward, face growing even more serious. “Jesus, Ty, you should’ve said something.”

But we both know the squeakiest wheel gets the boot—just look at where Dave Brogan is now.

He sighs, acknowledging what neither of us have said. “Here’s the thing. I need you to show me—and them—that I’m right. That you can get along with the next coach and demonstrate the level of professionalism we know you’ve got in you.”

I hear the implied threat. Everyone in the PFL is dispensable. For every guy playing pro football, there are hundreds waiting to take his job if he can’t pull his weight, not just as an athlete but as a man.

Mack would be pissed at me right now. He always said, Attitude is everything. I take a deep breath, look Coach right in the eye. “Okay. Yeah. I won’t let you down, Coach.”

He nods. “Thanks, Ty.”

I think the conversation’s over, and I’m about to get up, when he says, “We hired a replacement.”

“Wow. That was fast.”

“I got lucky. We made the decision on Brogan a little over a week ago, and my first choice flew in to interview sixteen hours later. We’re doing a press conference Wednesday morning . . .” Coach picks his phone up from his desk and taps out a text. “We wanted to give you a heads-up so you could have some time to get used to the idea.”

“Used to—what idea?”

“She’s the very best. I wouldn’t have brought her in if I didn’t believe that. And if I didn’t believe she’d be good for your career, in particular. I worked with her in San Fran, and if it had been my choice, I would have hired her then.”

She. Her. He did just say that, didn’t he? I didn’t hallucinate.

Holy shit.

- About the author -

USA Today bestselling author and RT Reviewers’ Choice Award nominee Serena Bell writes richly emotional stories about big-hearted characters with real troubles and the people who are strong and generous enough to love them. A former journalist, Serena has always believed that everyone has an amazing story to tell if you listen closely enough, and she adores hiding in her tiny garret office, mainlining chocolate and bringing to life the tales in her head. When not writing, Serena loves to spend time with her college-sweetheart husband and two hilarious kiddos—all of whom are incredibly tolerant not just of Serena’s imaginary friends but also of her enormous collection of constantly changing and passionately embraced hobbies, ranging from needlepoint to paddleboarding to meditation.

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Getting Inside

A Seattle Grizzlies Novel

Getting Inside

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