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Brand Partnerships

We work with brands in a variety of ways: from programmatic campaigns to event sponsorship to bespoke activations, and more. The Random House audience is engaged, enthusiastic, and always up for learning about the latest offerings to complement their hobbies and lifestyles. Find out more on our Partnerships page—we can’t wait to hear from you!


The Random House Group proudly partners with influencers across the book, food & drink, lifestyle, wellness and spirituality spaces—and more! The majority of our influencer partnerships are unpaid, with no obligation or rules around posting beyond necessary disclosures. However, we also hire agencies to support our paid influencer needs on occasion. Learn more here, and thank you for your interest in collaborating with us!


We connect with readers, doers, thinkers, foodies, and everyone in between in a variety of ways! Check out our Communities page to see the specifics.

If you’re a book club member (or aspiring member), join Random House Book Club. Just want all the latest and greatest in book news and recommendations? Sign up for one, or all, of our newsletters for updates directly in your inbox.Of course, there’s always social media. Visit the Contact Us page for the full rundown of our social media accounts. Talk soon!

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