Red Gloves, Volumes I & II

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Two chilling volumes are better than one! This collection of twenty-five mystery, horror, and fantasy short stories by award-winning author Christopher Fowler includes a pair featuring Bryant & May, the disreputable detectives from his beloved Peculiar Crimes Unit series.
Red Gloves: Volume One escorts readers to the high streets and back alleys of London, where deceptively ordinary events such as an evening out at a local pub can lead to ghastly consequences. Spirits, monstrosities, death, revenge, redemption—it’s all in a night’s work for the shadowy hands reaching out to seize the unwary.
Red Gloves: Volume Two offers a macabre tour around the world. Despite the exotic locations, the fates here are no less terrifying. As innocent travelers wander far from home for a vacation in the Far East or a trip to the French Riviera, they find themselves confronting their deepest, darkest fears—as well as profound epiphanies.
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Under the Cover

An excerpt from Red Gloves, Volumes I & II


‘If Death Was Something Money Could Buy, the Rich Would Live, the Poor Would Die.’

I’ve always had trouble with titles. My last collection, Old Devil Moon, borrowed the title of a beautiful but forgotten song from a peculiarly whimsical sixties musical about racism, socialism, drugs and, er, leprechauns, called Finian’s Rainbow. Originally I was going to call this volume The Horrors, a phrase often associated with wartime and panic, a sudden overwhelming sense of the weight of the world. Put another way, a rush of awareness. My mother still speaks of having ‘an attack of the horrors’. But I realised that the title would prove misleading to anyone expecting the frisson of revulsion you get from exposure to blood and guts—these are tales that step into areas of unease rather than the abattoir.

Red Gloves suggests to me that no-one is innocent, and carries all sorts of interesting connotations, from Macbeth to giallo. The hand stained with blood is a mark of lost innocence.

At the start of each collection, I outline some of the press reports that have provoked me during the writing of the stories, and use them as a sort of timeline running beside the production of the book. The remit of journalism is to make the important interesting, but there are often times when it does the reverse; press releases are now routinely recycled as substitutes for real news. The absurdities of life we all face have a way of turning a genuine smile into a forced one, hence the title of this foreword. Zygomaticus refers to the muscle that makes the difference between two types of smile.

- About the author -

Christopher Fowler is the acclaimed author of the award-winning Full Dark House and eleven other Peculiar Crimes Unit mysteries: The Water Room, Seventy-Seven Clocks, Ten Second Staircase, White Corridor, The Victoria Vanishes, Bryant & May on the Loose, Bryant & May off the Rails, The Memory of Blood, The Invisible Code, Bryant & May and the Bleeding Heart, and Bryant & May and the Burning Man. In 2015, Fowler won the coveted Crime Writers’ Association Dagger in the Library Award in recognition for his body of work. He lives in London, where he is at work on his next Peculiar Crimes Unit novel, Bryant & May: Strange Tide.

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Red Gloves, Volumes I & II

Red Gloves, Volumes I & II

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