A Breakaway Novel

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He’s got every reason to be cocky . . . until a female cuts him down to size.

I’m Dallas Easton, the best goaltender in the league. I make a damn good living playing hockey, and with women falling at my feet wherever I go, why not enjoy it? I get whatever I want, whenever I want—that is, until I come across the one player who gets the best of me on the ice.

When I try to pummel the dude, all hell breaks loose. Imagine my surprise when the helmet comes off to reveal a woman underneath. And not just any woman, but the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. Callie Davis is the complete opposite of the puck bunnies I usually go for, a good girl with sick moves and a selfless streak a mile wide. I need to make amends, but she dodges me at every turn. It doesn’t help that Callie’s brother hates my guts, or that my agent thinks she’s bad for my career.

But I could care less what they think. I can’t let our little run-in on the ice be the end of our story. Because when I set my sights on something, I won’t rest until I score.

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Praise for Blocked

“I enjoyed all the secondary characters and can’t wait to read more books in this series.  I really enjoyed this fast-paced, fun story.”—Cocktails & Books

“A sexy, sweet female hockey player who can put a cocky goalie in his place? Yes, please! I love everything L. P. Dover writes and Blocked was no exception. Can’t wait for more in the Breakaway series.”—Sophia Henry, author of the Pilots Hockey series

“An entertaining, comedic romance.”—Addicted2Books Blog
“I love diving into a book that . . . lets me get lost. I will definitely read more books by L.P. Dover. Her writing style is perfect for my reading style, fast and to the point.”—Books & Boys Book Blog

“L. P. Dover knows how to write a fabulous hockey read that revolves around two strong characters with an incredibly funny supportive cast.”—Lager & Lefse Book Blog (five stars)
This ebook includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

Under the Cover

An excerpt from Blocked

Chapter 1


“Another undefeated win. Tonight’s going to be good.”

Braeden nodded and ran a hand through his blond hair, scoping out the crowd. “Can’t argue with you there.”

I looked around the room at all the women, scantily clad in their skintight dresses, ready to have some fun. We’d just won another game, our rank undefeated. We were already halfway through the season. It was time to celebrate what was going to be another victory year.

We bypassed the women and headed toward the kitchen, where most of the guys from my hockey team congregated along with other dudes I didn’t know. Maddox Ledger had a habit of inviting outsiders to our parties. Guess I couldn’t blame him, since he was the one hosting the party.

On every inch of the gray marble counters were bottles of wine, liquor, and beer. Maddox was at the head of the kitchen table, tossing back shots with some of our teammates. The guy was a complete douche, but he knew how to throw a party. I could always count on him to have a horde of women at my beck and call.

Maddox held up a bottle of tequila. “Shot?”

Braeden and I walked up to the table and Josh Harrison, our backup goaltender, moved over to let us in. “Heck yeah,” I said. “Pour me two.”

Braeden held up his hand. “Same for me.”

Maddox poured our shots and I tossed mine back, relishing the burn as it went down my throat. “Great party.”
A sly grin spread across Maddox’s face. “Yes, it is. I don’t do them half-baked.”

Josh slapped a hand on my shoulder. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. “That’s for darn sure,” he said, tossing his beer bottle into the trash can. “Maybe one of these days I’ll actually get to play.” He poured himself a shot of tequila and downed it, his frustration on display for the world to see.

Maddox shook his head, trying to hide his smile. “I’m going to leave that to you.” He walked off and the room cleared out except for Braeden, Josh, and me. The last thing I wanted to do was deal with Harrison’s crybaby BS about how he never got to play. Don’t get me wrong, he was a good goaltender, but he wasn’t as good as me.

“You done whining yet?” I growled at Josh. His eyes darkened as he stared at me. He was only twenty-two, but I had more years of experience and he knew it. Our coach wasn’t going to choose him over me.

Josh bucked up, lifting his chin in the air. We were about the same height, but I had a good thirty pounds more muscle on me. I could snap him in half. “Maybe if you started working with me like Coach said, I’d get better. Instead, you leave me high and dry.”

It was true. I was supposed to work with him, but I didn’t want him getting better than me. It was my time on the ice and no one was going to take that away from me. “Only you can make yourself better. You can’t blame that shit on me,” I spat. “Now get out of my face.”

His jaw clenched, but I wasn’t backing down. It wasn’t the first time I’d gotten into a fight with one of my teammates. As one of the alternate captains, I had to keep the others in line when our captain wasn’t around. Josh huffed and stormed out of the room.

Chuckling, Braeden slapped me on the back. “Makes you wish Carter was here, doesn’t it?”

I scoffed and poured another shot. “He’d tell me Josh was right. I don’t want to hear that crap right now. All I want is to drink and screw, and then screw again.” Kellan Carter was our captain and my best friend. As far as morals went, he was a saint. Especially now that he was married to one of the sexiest women in the world with a kid on the way.

Grabbing the bottle of tequila, Braeden nodded toward the living room, where the DJ started to play. “Let’s go.”
The room was dark, lit only by the colored lights the DJ brought in. Some of the guys danced with their girls, while a lot of the women danced with each other, their bodies rubbing together. It was such a major turn-on.

I couldn’t take my eyes off a certain blonde, wearing a tight black dress with her breasts about to fall out. Biting her lip, she danced provocatively in front of me, beckoning me out onto the dance floor. Braeden nudged me in the side. “What are you waiting for?”

Grabbing the bottle of tequila from him, I took one last swig and grabbed her around the waist, just in time for “How Do You Want It” by 2Pac to play over the speakers. Turning around in my arms, she rubbed her rear against my front as she danced, giggling as my body sprang to attention. All I wanted to do was lift her dress and screw her senseless.

Grinning broadly, she faced me and wrapped her arms around my neck. “I’m Britney. Why don’t we find somewhere more private?” She smelled like cherries and I had no doubt she’d taste like them, too.

I nipped her ear and she shivered. “Follow me.”

- About the author -

LP DOVER is the New York Times bestselling author of the Second Chances series, the Breakaway series, the Forever Fae series, the Gloves Off series, the Armed and Dangerous series, and a standalone novel, Love, Lies, and Deception. She loves not only to write, but also to play tennis, hike in the mountains, go white-water rafting, and sing. A Southern belle with a former life in periodontics, L. P. Dover lives in North Carolina with her husband and two beautiful girls.

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A Breakaway Novel


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