The Staub Cookbook

Modern Recipes for Classic Cast Iron

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A beautiful love letter to the enameled cast-iron cookware of Staub, with 100 achievable, modern recipes from top chefs and bloggers from around the country.

For decades, Staub has been an international leader and tastemaker in the world of cookware. Made in France, the company’s cast iron graces the shelves of top chefs as well as home cooks. But Staub isn’t just gourmet kitchenware. It inspires people to cook, to try new recipes, and to share delicious meals with loved ones; Staub brings people together in the kitchen and around the table. In this book, the Staub philosophy of hospitality shines in everyday recipes like Chocolate Babka Morning Buns, perfect for lazy weekend mornings, as well as Yogurty Beet Salad with Za’atar, an ideal summer lunch. Adding to the collection are other crowd pleasers, like Beer-Braised Short Ribs, Chicken Meatballs in Red Coconut Curry Sauce, Broccoli Rabe Pizza with Caramelized Onions and Burrata, and Strawberry Crumble with Oats and Hazelnuts. With gorgeous photography and cooking tips and tricks, The Staub Cookbook shows how to use and care for these modern heirlooms so that they will bring warmth (and crowds) to kitchen tables for years to come.

Under the Cover

An excerpt from The Staub Cookbook


Welcome. We’re so glad you could join us. We wrote this book with your dinner table and you in mind. You, the beginner who has always wanted to try cooking with cast iron. You, the seasoned chef who shares our love for this remarkable material. You, the Staub owner who wants inspiration for Sunday suppers. We’ve poured our expertise into these pages to help you make the most out of your cast-iron cookware. 

Staub cast iron isn’t just gourmet kitchenware. It inspires people to cook, and to cook better, to try new recipes, and to share meals with loved ones. Staub brings people together in the kitchen, online, around the table for a delicious meal, and, now, in these pages. 

When we set out to compile our first-ever cookbook, we knew we wanted it to be a community affair. Our cookware is beloved by notable chefs from around the world, as well as countless home cooks. The recipes would need to resonate with all of them. So we turned to a cook we’ve long admired for elevating everyday affairs: Amanda Frederickson. As it turned out, she loves Staub as much as we love her cooking. 

From there, we checked in with friends: chefs, influencers, and other professionals who believe in our cookware as much as we do. Many responded in minutes. They contributed recipes that are a mix of classics and inventive spins. Then we added a few traditional French dishes, a nod to the company’s roots in France, and some weeknight and weekend morning dishes. The goal was to compile approachable and inviting recipes that pique the palates of all home chefs—from amateur to gourmet. 

You’ll notice that there is not a “how-to” section or a glossary of ingredients. We aim to inspire by doing: cook a recipe and you’ll learn techniques or maybe even a new flavor combination, while getting a delicious dinner, breakfast, or dessert on the table. We’ll give you the tools to make the most out of our cookware every time. The braised chicken on page 142 is exceptional as it is, but the second time you give  it a go you might want to riff—lemons and capers? Citrus and thyme? Be our guest.

Ever since the day Francis Staub brought his first cocottes to a few local stores in Alsace, France, all of our cookware has been made from enameled cast iron. Sturdy but not unwieldy, the heft of a Staub fry pan alone is enough to instill confidence in any cook, not to mention the guarantee of even heat and a good sear.

Unlike traditional cast-iron cookware, Staub is remarkably easy to care for—it can be washed with soap and doesn’t need to be seasoned. The exteriors have a colorful sheen, in hues and silhouettes crafted to feel classic for eternity because they will actually last that long—it’s one of the things that makes Staub so revered. Which is perhaps why we see our cocottes everywhere, set proudly on your stoves even when you’re not cooking with them. We spot them on restaurant tables, as much a part of the decor as the actual decor, and out in the open in chefs’ carefully considered restaurant kitchens. They command pride of place wherever they go.

We’ve subtitled this compilation Modern Recipes for Classic Cast Iron to reflect the way so many of us cook today. We want quick and flavorful weeknight dinners, but we might invest a little more time and effort on weekends or when we’re entertaining. So you’ll find recipes for make-ahead breakfasts and slow-rise breads, twenty-minute dinners and long-simmered specialties. You can start small or go big right off the bat—we simply invite you to celebrate the pleasures of cooking.

Bon appétit!

- About the author -

The grandson of a cookware merchant, Francis Staub designed his first enameled pot in an old artillery factory in 1974, merging cast iron's utility with the latest technology available. Today, the success of these designs has become the benchmark for enameled cast-iron cookware and is the preferred brand for some of the world's great chefs. Amanda Frederickson is a professional cook and food stylist. After culinary school, Amanda worked in catering companies, a Michelin-starred restaurant, and in the Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen.

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Amanda Frederickson is a professional cook, food stylist, and author of The Staub Cookbook. She attended San Francisco Cooking School and after working at one of San Francisco's Michelin-starred restaurants, SPQR, landed in the Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen, where she developed recipes, tested products, and co-wrote eleven Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen cookbooks.

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The Staub Cookbook

Modern Recipes for Classic Cast Iron


The Staub Cookbook

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