The Anxiety Journal

Exercises to Soothe Stress and Eliminate Anxiety Wherever You Are : A Guided Journal

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Relieve stress, increase mindfulness, and discover calm and clarity wherever you go with this beautiful guided journal.

A fluttering in the chest, constant worrying, sleepless nights with your breath squeezed from you. One in four people suffer from anxiety, and the symptoms can feel overwhelming. But you can take control. Let psychologist Corinne Sweet help you on your way to eliminating anxiety with this journal full of: 

• Inspiring quotes for when you need a quick fix of motivation
• Grounding facts about anxiety that work as much-needed coping mechanisms
• Soothing exercises to enhance mindfulness
• Writing prompts grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy to help identify the causes of your anxiety for long-term peace of mind 
• Lined pages to record your thoughts and track your progress
• A heavy cover designed to survive wear and tear through repeated use

Practical and uplifting, the perfect size to carry around with you, this journal is an indispensable companion on your journey to a peaceful mind.

Under the Cover

An excerpt from The Anxiety Journal


This little book will help you to identify symptoms of anxiety and will also provide you with tools and techniques to enable you to cope with them effectively. Some level of anxiety is perfectly normal—useful, even. If you’re about to give a big presentation, then it would make sense for you to feel a bit jittery. But if you become fixated with anticipation, find yourself feeling sick for weeks before the date and end up staying at home because you feel so awful, then anxiety can be quite seriously detrimental. Following the advice in this book will help you to keep your anxiety at a healthy, manageable level.

Anxiety exists to make us vigilant against real-life threats; it is there for a reason, and makes us human. But for some people, living with overwhelming anxiety can feel scary or even life-threatening, and can lead to excruciating misery and suffering. Equally, low-level anxiety can cause long-term problems both at home and at work. This book won’t eradicate your anxiety, as anxiety is an essential part of your emotional and physiological equipment—it keeps you alive. However, this book will help you to notice, understand and cope with your anxiety so you can begin to get on with your life and live it the way you want to. We hope The Anxiety Journal will help you to find a calm, peaceful place in your life.

Take a moment to think about what happens to you when you feel anxious. Have you ever experienced any of the following symptoms? Feel free to circle them. Perhaps you have other symptoms too. Sometimes you can experience a symptom completely randomly, as if out of nowhere, which can be very confusing.

You might feel:
• jittery
• dizzy
• panicky
• shaky
• numb
• irritable
• cold, shivery, with goosebumps
• hypervigiliant
• as though you want to hurt yourself, or even suicidal

You might also experience:
• an inability to speak
• random, flitting thoughts
• repetitive thoughts that you can’t turn off
• insomnia
• a need to sleep in the daytime
• panting
• trembling
• breathlessness or a tight chest
• a racing heart
• a dry mouth
• a clenched jaw
• clammy hands
• tingling feet or hands
• sensitive skin
• headaches or migraines
• nausea
• vomiting
• difficulty relaxing
• difficulty staying still
• a desire to excessively bite your nails or your lips, pick your scabs or scratch your skin
• sensitivity to light and sound

- About the author -

Corinne Sweet is a psychologist, psychotherapist, and author of nonfiction titles including The Anxiety Journal and Change Your Life with CBT. A journalist and broadcaster, she is a respected figure in self-help. Mindfulness is one of her specialties.

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The Anxiety Journal

Exercises to Soothe Stress and Eliminate Anxiety Wherever You Are : A Guided Journal


The Anxiety Journal

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