Baking Gold

How to Bake (Almost) Everything with 3 Doughs, 2 Batters, and 1 Magic Mix

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A smarter, easier, and more fun way to bake: Turn just three doughs, two batters, and one magic mix into more than seventy-five different cookies, cakes, buns, brownies, and tarts!

From award-winning author and pastry chef Jami Curl, Baking Gold is an ingenious collection of recipes and preparation methods that streamline baking while producing top-notch results, making sure every recipe comes together easily and works perfectly every time.

At its core, Baking Gold features recipes for three doughs, two batters, and one cookie/brownie magic baking mix that can be repurposed and reinvented in order to create more than 75 unique and special treats. Ranging from mainstays such as Ginger-Molasses Cookies, Peanut Butter Brownies, and breakfast goodies like Caramel Sticky Buns to showstoppers such as the quintessential Vanilla Celebration Cake or Curl's signature Chocolate-Honey-Almond Butter Poufs, Baking Gold is perfect for bakers of all ages and skills.

Under the Cover

An excerpt from Baking Gold

Getting to Gold

Here’s the truth about me: I’m a hyper-focused, freakishly efficient, uncluttered, and orderly rule follower. I love tedious projects with lots of steps. I like pursuits that take a lot of time. I like neat and tidy, straight and organized, a place for everything and everything in its place. I tidy up my house upon waking, and tidying is the last thing I do before bed. I’m the kind of person who looks forward to cleaning day. I know. I sound like a lot of fun.

Here’s another truth about me: I’m a recovering bakery owner. I took the same approach to my bakery as I do to life—it was focused, efficient, and orderly. Most recipes relied on elaborate multistep processes. Nothing came from a box or package. We made every component of every item we sold, from granola to jam, caramel to ice cream. If a recipe contained a nut, we candied it in sugar and spices first. Flour for cookies was loaded into a cold smoker and smoked over Oregon alder wood. Heirloom apples were sliced and allowed to rest, their resulting juice transformed into a caramel destined for the internal workings of an apple pie. White chocolate was caramelized, cooled, chopped, and mixed into cookie doughs. We dehydrated locally grown fruit and made mounds of marshmallows with honey and sea salt. We spent endless hours proofing brioche dough (made with fancy European butter) to poufy perfection.

These laborious processes were possible because I wasn’t working alone. There was a talented team of professional bakers working with me to make them possible. We understood how to make the best use of time and how to accomplish tasks as efficiently as possible. We knew which components of a recipe to make ahead and what tools were the most useful for each job. Some of this was common commercial kitchen knowledge. Most of it was squeezed out of the hours we spent figuring out how to create authentic handmade products that we could then produce day in and day out—starting at 3 am every morning.

Since my days as a bakery owner, the way I spend my time in the kitchen has changed. For example, I rarely have time for brioche—a pursuit I turned into a three-day process at the bakery. I’ve realized that a simple toasted nut tastes as good as a candied nut once it’s buried in a cookie. I haven’t caramelized white chocolate in ages. Instead, I’ve focused on creating bakery-worthy recipes that can be baked quickly and easily in my home kitchen. Pair this with an ability to organize and prepare like a pro baker (or an obsessive home-tidying control freak), and you’ve got what I’ve come to call Baking Gold—strategies and recipes that can do a lot with very little. Baking Gold features three doughs, two batters, and one baking mix that can be magicked into more than seventy-five unbelievable treats. With twenty-plus additional recipes for cookie fillings, cake toppings, and delightful mix-ins, you’re looking at a jackpot of recipes.

I created Baking Gold for bakers like you. And bakers like me. We want recipes that eliminate unnecessary steps, follow streamlined processes, and are quick to come together without (ever!) relying on store-bought mixes or doughs. This cookbook is for bakers like us, and I can’t wait to get started.

- About the author -

Jami Curl is an experienced pastry chef, home baker, and author of Candy Is Magic, winner of the IACP Cookbook Award in Baking. Jami was named one of Fast Company's 100 most creative people in food, and her work has been featured in Food + Wine, Gourmet, Good Housekeeping, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart Weddings, Sunset, O: The Oprah Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and many more.

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Baking Gold

How to Bake (Almost) Everything with 3 Doughs, 2 Batters, and 1 Magic Mix


Baking Gold

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