Essential Oils to Boost the Brain and Heal the Body

5 Steps to Calm Anxiety, Sleep Better, and Reduce Inflammation to Regain Control of Your Health

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“A powerful new cutting-edge and evidence-based approach to help you safely improve digestion, energy, and focus and reverse chronic inflammation, chronic stress, and mood disorders.”—Terry Wahls, MD, author of The Wahls Protocol

“A book you will learn from and refer back to for years to come.”—Alan Christianson, New York Times bestselling author of The Thyroid Reset Diet

Just as your cell phone or laptop slows down and drains the battery when too many tabs are left open, your brain fatigues when poorly functioning systems or ailments drain its energy. Complaints of brain fog, fatigue, and ADD/ADHD are on the rise and growing every year. All of these factors can block the brain's ability to detoxify and heal. If toxins are not eliminated, they recirculate in the brain, leading to inflammation, which further compromises your brain. What's more, formal diagnoses of brain-related health challenges like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS are increasing exponentially. Here's the good news: Plant-based essential oils are a powerful self-care tool for transforming your life and healing on many levels, even when prescription drugs have failed. 

In Jodi Cohen’s five-step protocol, the body's natural systems are jump-started with essential oil recipe blends that can:
• Alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression
• Improve sleep 
• Calm pain and inflammation 
• Increase energy, sharpen focus, and improve memory
• Improve digestion and promote weight loss
• Strengthen your immune system
Armed with Cohen’s five steps, you’ll be able to start your own essential oils regimen immediately and be on your way to a healthier body and brain!

Under the Cover

An excerpt from Essential Oils to Boost the Brain and Heal the Body


Essential oils have played a powerful role in my ability to transform lives and heal. I have been using essential oils as part of my own daily health routine since 2008. Efforts to improve my quality of sleep are what initially led me to them. I started applying chamomile and lavender before bedtime to help me relax and calm my nervous system. The oils worked so well and so immediately that I began to gradually experiment with different oils and various combinations of oils.

I recommend the use of plant-based essential oils in my best-selling book The Wahls Protocol: A Radical Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions, as I believe they contribute to the plant diversity necessary to keep you healthy. As Jodi thoroughly explains in this book, the concentrated essences of plants work on many levels, including the physical, neurological, and psychological.

Humans are meant to consume hundreds of different plant species each year, not just a handful. More diverse plant consumption adds to greater resiliency and health. As your body digests plants, thousands of metabolites (substances that are produced when the body breaks down food and chemicals) are absorbed by your gut into your bloodstream. Scientists are recognizing that these metabolites have a major impact on our risk of heart disease, autoimmune disease, mental health problems, obesity, diabetes, and even cancer. These metabolites from the digestion of a wide variety of plants contribute to how our cells do the chemistry of life. Our physiology works much better with the thousands of metabolites that come from eating a greater diversity of plants. The reality is that the food we eat is a combination of things that are incredibly good for us and a few things that are terrible for us. So, if we have variety in our diet, more diversity of foods over the week and the year, the fewer problems we will have and the more health benefits we will enjoy.

I encourage the addition of essential oils in your self-care program along with different vegetables, spices, and teas as sources of plant diversity. There are literally hundreds of essential oils and spices that you can integrate into your life to expose yourself to at least two hundred different plant species in a year.

Jodi’s extensive research helps support and validate my own personal experience with essential oils, which have improved my well-being and reduced some of my subtle symptoms, like pain, headaches, constipation, and low mood. I now use cypress and frankincense most reliably, along with a blend that includes lavender, marjoram, Roman chamomile, sandalwood, vanilla, and ylang-ylang to calm my nervous system.

For self-care, my favorite ways to use essential oils are inhalation, self-massage, and in hot or ice-cold Epsom salt baths. My favorite technique involves massaging the vagus nerve and the lymphatic tissue on the sides of the neck. I start from behind my ear and massage the oils down my neck on both sides and combine that with three to five deep inhalations in each nostril before bedtime.

When I look at essential oils through a food lens, I know that essential oils are interacting positively with our biochemical pathways and nervous systems, even calming excessive inflammation. The inhalation of essential oils activates the same pathways in the brain. The topical application of essential oils on the skin ensures they are entering the bloodstream and affecting the body’s pathways.

Essential Oils to Boost the Brain & Heal the Body takes these suppositions one step further, helping to explain not only how essential oils work but also the best ways to use them to combat underlying health conditions. This book is a wonderful guide for using essential oils as a powerful self-care tool to help you make steady improvements and refinements in your health.

—Terry Wahls, MD, author of The Wahls Protocol

Essential Oils to Boost the Brain and Heal the Body

5 Steps to Calm Anxiety, Sleep Better, and Reduce Inflammation to Regain Control of Your Health


Essential Oils to Boost the Brain and Heal the Body

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