Fix It with Food: Every Meal Easy

Simple and Delicious Recipes for Anyone with Autoimmune Issues and Inflammation : A Cookbook

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NATIONAL BESTELLER • 120+ simple, delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to help you manage autoimmune issues all day—plus a​n all-new 10-day, 30-recipe reset to identify your food triggers—from the New York Times bestselling author of Fix It with Food.

During the first few months of 2020, Michael Symon religiously posted "Symon Dinners" on Instagram every day to help his fans keep pantry-inspired meals fun and varied. The response was so great and his followership so engaged that creating a cookbook of simple weekday breakfasts, lunches, and dinners became a priority for him. In Fix It with Food: Every Meal Easy, Michael combines simple dishes for busy weekdays and meals that address autoimmune triggers for a collection of 120+ health-supportive recipes.

The chapters are divided by what trigger you're avoiding, including No Meat, No Dairy, and No Flour. If you're not sure what your food triggers are, the ten-day reset will help you figure out which foods to avoid. After the reset, Michael offers guidance about how to reintegrate foods into your routine. ​Through fan feedback, Michael discovered that most people using his first book didn't need four servings—most wanted just enough for two meals, so in Every Meal Easy, all of the main recipes yield two meals or enough for one meal plus leftovers. And since sometimes you have a crowd to cook for, Michael offers helpful information regarding how to double recipes when needed. Readers will also find a list of his favorite 30 anti-inflammatory friendly ingredients to keep in stock all the time and a master ingredient substitution list, so if you don't have kale or black beans on hand, you can swap in whatever you have in your fridge or pantry.

With Michael's encouraging voice and ​flexible recipes, Fix It with Food: Every Meal Easy is a must-have for anyone who is looking to feel better without compromising eating well.

Under the Cover

An excerpt from Fix It with Food: Every Meal Easy


As many of you might be aware, I suffer from two autoimmune diseases: discoid lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. I learned about these issues when I was in my twenties, but like most young people, I chose to ignore the symptoms and continued to live my life as if nothing had changed. For the most part, I was able to do so, working through the inevitable inflammation, discomfort, and pain that resulted from my poor decisions. But as I got older, the pain increased; either that or my tolerance for it declined. Regardless, something had to change.

That’s when I took a very close look at my diet to see if I couldn’t manage or reduce much of that discomfort simply by avoiding certain foods. On The Chew, I designed a 20-day food plan—what I now call the Reset—to try and zero in on which types of foods caused me inflammation (the source of my pain). The process I devised for myself consisted of a very strict diet that eliminated the most likely sources of discomfort, namely flour, dairy, meat, and sugar. By identifying and avoiding all of these so-called triggers, I found that I was largely able to stop reaching into the medicine cabinet. After sharing on TV what I learned throughout the process, I received a groundswell of positive feedback from viewers. As I was posting these recipes on social media, people were responding enthusiastically about how the Reset was helping them deal with their own triggers. That response is what encouraged me to write Fix It with Food, my first cookbook geared to antiinflammatory foods and recipes. In that book we created a 10-Day Reset—along with 130 additional amazing recipes—to help people identify and manage inflammation and discomfort issues.

That book proved more successful than I could have hoped or anticipated. Obviously, I was thrilled with the sales numbers and best-seller lists, but more than that, I was delighted that a book I wrote was helping people feel better. That they could do so while preparing and enjoying delicious foods with and for their families made it all the better.

But I also learned, by listening to comments from home cooks who purchased the book, that there were things about Fix It with Food that could be improved upon. One of the most common topics of discussion was the serving size of the recipes. While we assumed that entire families would be embarking on this journey together, that typically wasn’t the case. What we discovered from readers was that recipes built for one or two people made more sense. If you do happen to be cooking for a larger crowd—or simply want to guarantee some delicious leftovers—these recipes are easily doubled or tripled. We have even included a Useful Conversions chart (page 250) to help simplify the scaling-up process. I have always found that it’s easier to multiply recipe size than to reduce it.

Another topic that frequently came up was whether the Reset recipes had to be eaten in the order that they appeared in the book, and if favorite recipes can be repeated during the process. The answers are “no” and “yes”: You can enjoy any recipe within the Reset as often as you’d like and in any order you desire. I know that many people appreciate variety, so we provide enough great recipes that you can enjoy a different dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the entire 10 days. That said, if you want to eat the same breakfast every single day for all 10 days, have at it!

Also new to this cookbook is a Master Substitution List (page 11), a handy reference guide that gives home cooks more flexibility and control when it comes to preparing meals. I know there will be times when you lack a certain ingredient—or simply don’t love one that is called for in a recipe—so I offer a list of suitable replacements. I think it will make mealtime less stressful and more enjoyable.

In this book, along with a whole new 10-Day Reset of 30 recipes, I take the trigger conversation a step further and explain how to reintroduce ingredients—aka the triggers—into your eating routine after the Reset. This step is crucial to determining which foods can safely be enjoyed and which ones need to be avoided to keep inflammation at bay. For example, if you’ve eaten a flour-free, dairy-free, meat-free, sugar-free, and alcohol-free diet for the last ten days, how do you begin to introduce dairy or wheat flour back into your food to figure out if it’s the culprit of your suffering? We wanted to make this process as clear and easy as possible, so I added an entire chapter (page 64) devoted to the reintroduction process.

Not surprisingly, one of the most common questions people asked me regarding the process was “What about snacks?!” So throughout this cookbook, we included mindful snacks for those who feel the urge to nosh between meals while still avoiding certain triggers. We also made sure that all the recipes—snacks and otherwise—are quick and easy enough to make so you can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the table in no time.

Remember, this isn’t a diet book. The goal isn’t to cut calories, carbs, or fat. The purpose of this cookbook—and the original Fix It with Food—is to give you the tools to identify your personal inflammation triggers and then to provide healthy, delicious recipes that avoid those foods. By doing so, you will likely enjoy a life with less pain. And if you happen to fall off the wagon for a meal, a day, or even two, don’t panic. Everything will be okay. I am human just like everybody else. I slip and eat foods that I know are going to hurt me the next day, especially during the holidays, when it seems like I’m navigating a quagmire of sugar and dairy. (Ice cream, a double whammy in that regard, will always be my kryptonite.) The key is to stay positive and get back on track. So, happy eating! I honestly hope that all of you can achieve the balance and well-being you deserve.

- About the author -

MICHAEL SYMON is an Iron Chef on Food Network’s Iron Chef America and a James Beard Award Winner. He is the chef and co-owner of the acclaimed restaurants Lola and Lolita, located in Cleveland, Ohio, as well as Roast, in Detroit, Michigan.

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Fix It with Food: Every Meal Easy

Simple and Delicious Recipes for Anyone with Autoimmune Issues and Inflammation : A Cookbook


Fix It with Food: Every Meal Easy

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