Minecraft: Epic Inventions

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Twelve mind-blowing Minecraft builds to spark your imagination.

Epic Inventions contains twelve incredible builds to inspire you to construct the most inventive builds in Minecraft. There's an intergalactic space station, an ancient temple, a kawaii waterways course, a giant meeple bedroom, an animal sanctuary, plus many more.
Each build is presented to you by its builder—a construction expert eager to share their tips with you. As well as learning how to choose blocks and construct amazing builds, you'll also learn some excellent pro builder tips like how to terraform the landscape.

Under the Cover

An excerpt from Minecraft: Epic Inventions


Welcome to the Creator’s Realm! This realm is the creative center of the universe, where expert inventors come to create and test all their latest inventions. If it’s possible to imagine it, these folks can make it! All the inventors you meet today are the best in the biz. Let’s say hello and hear all about their top tips and tricks.

PROF. FIONA FIXER, RESTORATION EXPERT What do I do? My background is in antiquities, but my specialty is restoration. I’ve been tinkering with gadgets since I found my first redstone dust, so if anyone can get an old machine up and running again, it’s me. 

TOPSY TURVY, AERIAL ENGINEER Have you ever played in an amplified world? I’ve built my creation on the underside of an amplified mountain arch. It provides the best view in the realm!

DR. NEFARIOUS, EVIL MASTERMIND Ever dreamed of having a place in the sun? Take a trip to my resort island, Skull Mountain, where there’s more to this build than meets the eye.

FRANKIE EINSTEIN, DIABOLICAL GENIUS Come visit me in my Gothic castle, where I have been experimenting with the creation of life itself. My invention is a house of horrors!

MIKE ROSCOPIC, MEEPLE DESIGNER Hi, I’m Mike and I put the mini in mini-people. Or meeple, as they’re affectionately known. All my inventions are for overcoming size-related hurdles in my oversized bedroom world.

CLINT WESTWARD, COWBOY INVENTOR Howdy! As they say, some cowboys have too much tumbleweed in their blood to settle down—and I’ve some of that old grit in me. Come visit me in my traveling saloon for a drink to quench your thirst.

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Minecraft: Epic Inventions


Minecraft: Epic Inventions

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