Eye Candy

Eye Candy

50 Easy Makeup Looks for Glam Lids and Luscious Lashes

About the Book

“I love those colorful, glamorous eyes I see in magazines and in movies,” you say. “They tempt me, they torment me! It all looks so simple&$8212;but when I try it, I look like one of the undead. Help me!” No problem, honey, because Eye Candy is here. In this handy new book, acclaimed makeup artist Linda Mason reveals the secrets of eye makeup with fifty hot looks. Each selection, from everyday to night-on-the-town, is presented so simply, so clearly, that anyone can have fabulous eyes in just a few steps. For each look, Mason provides a straightforward list of what’s needed, a diagram showing what to put where, and a palette for finding the right colors in a personal makeup collection or a cosmetics aisle. Did anyone ever tell you you have beautiful eyes? Now everyone will tell you you have beautiful eyes&$8212;thanks to Eye Candy!
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About the Author

Linda Mason
LINDA MASON has been a makeup artist for fashion and beauty photo shoots since 1975. Though she generally works with conventional makeup and looks, she is known for her creative, freestyle makeup. She owns The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason Gallery in New York—a creative, experimental space with a focus on beauty, fashion, and individuality. More by Linda Mason
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