Raising Cain ... and His Sisters

Raising Cain ... and His Sisters

About the Book

You’ve heard it said, “Be careful what you pray for.” But it may also be a good idea to be careful who you ask to pray. Because when folks like Hattie Hopkins talk to God…anything can happen! Stuck in the semi-reclusive life she’s built for herself, Olivia Harmon is still recovering from the tragic loss of her husband and daughter five years before. Though she loves her job at Vermont’s department of tourism, she longs for something more–so she asks her landlady Hattie to pray for a little volunteer work for her to do.

Things don’t work out exactly as she had planned, however, and soon Olivia finds herself bursting out of her carefully built cocoon to undertake the nurturing of three rambunctious street children. Even her heart seems out of control, causing her to fall for Zach Springer, the handsome handyman who rode a mudslide right into her sun room. Can a woman so accustomed to self-imposed solitude adjust to a new life, a new love, and the new challenge of Raising Cain…and His Sisters?
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About the Author

Suzy Pizzuti
Suzy Pizzuti and her husband, Matt live with their toddler, Madeline, in a hundred-plus-year-old farmhouse that provides more than enough remodeling projects to make them cry "Uncle." Suzy is the author of more than a dozen top-selling "sweet" romances. Say Uncle... and Aunt marks her debut as an author of inspirational romantic comedy. More by Suzy Pizzuti
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