Say Uncle

Say Uncle

About the Book

Book One of Halo Hattie's Boarding House Series. Busy, executive-type Sean Flannigan hadn't planned on taking time off from work. But the unexpected break comes just in time for him to watch his nine-month-old niece, Carly Ann, during his sister's two-week business trip.

The only glitch is: Sean has no idea how to care for a baby. Neither, to his chagrin, does his beautiful new neighbor: the equally busy, female-executive-type Julia Evans--though, ultimately, the two have a lot of fun trying to figure out which end to diaper and which end to feed. But what will happen when it's time to give the baby back? Can Sean and Julia go back to the "rat race" and life as usual? Or are their hearts ready to Say Uncle... and Aunt?
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About the Author

Suzy Pizzuti
Suzy Pizzuti and her husband, Matt live with their toddler, Madeline, in a hundred-plus-year-old farmhouse that provides more than enough remodeling projects to make them cry "Uncle." Suzy is the author of more than a dozen top-selling "sweet" romances. Say Uncle... and Aunt marks her debut as an author of inspirational romantic comedy. More by Suzy Pizzuti
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