The Wedding

The Wedding

An Encounter with Jan Van Eyck

About the Book

Is the bride pregnant? Why does the groom look so old? What's reflected in the mirror? The Arnolfini Wedding is surely the most hotly debated painting of the Northern Renaissance—and one of the most beloved. In this historical novel, E. M. Rees weaves a rich story of love and honor that answers the questions about this great picture. At her first visit to the Duke's court, young Giovanna Cenami falls in love with a mysterious stranger employed by the famous Flemish painter Jan van Eyck. But Giovanna's romantic dreams are shattered when her father tells her she must marry a rich merchant to save them all from financial ruin. When she decides to pursue her own dreams, defying her family, she finds herself in grave danger of losing her reputation, her honor—and perhaps her life.

The Arnolfini Wedding is one of the most famous and most debated paintings in the world

• Ties in to art curriculum and world history studies
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The Wedding
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About the Author

E.M. Rees
E. M. Rees has published more than 50 books for middle graders and young adults. Her series include Dragonfire (under the pseudonym Morgana Rhys), Satin Slippers (under the pseudonym Elizabeth Barnard), and Heart Beats. A painter and visual artist, she teaches oil and acrylic painting at the Craft Students League in New York City, where she lives. More by E.M. Rees
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