The Nude Female Figure

The Nude Female Figure

A Visual Reference for the Artist

About the Book

More than two hundred full-color photos of women in motion and at rest

Standing. Seated. Reclining. Kneeling. Bending. Crouching. Running. World-renowned photographer
Mark Edward Smith has captured women of every age and form in every type of movement, then gathered his striking, unusual images into The Nude Female Figure. An indispensable reference for
artists who have limited access to live figure models,
this remarkable book features striking images
of shapely young women as well as elegiac photos of
more mature women. The models in these full-color
pictures include women of every type—slender
women, not-so-slender women, pregnant women,
and women of color. A special section shows closeups
of the hands and feet. Each pose is beautiful, and
the unparalleled attention to composition, lighting,
and reproduction make it easy for artists to see the
relationships between the parts of the body and to
study the classic female figure.

• A must-have reference for all artists

• Beautiful composition and lighting by a
world-renowned photographer and
best-selling author—125,000 books sold

• All in color for the first time—at same great
price as The Nude Figure
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About the Author

Mark Edward Smith
Mark Edward Smith's photographs
have been featured in many prestigious
publications, including the New
York Times
. The photographer for
The Figure in Motion and The Nude
, he lives and works
in Venice, Italy. More by Mark Edward Smith
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