The Impossible Project Spectrum Collection

The Impossible Project Spectrum Collection

100 Instant-Film Postcards

About the Book

The Spectrum Collection is an original project launched for Potter Style, inviting photographers to submit original analog images highlighting one color of the spectrum. The Impossible Project has curated the best 50 photographs from this contest to create a set of 100 vibrant postcards. These postcards can be used to decorate, framed by color scheme or simply arranged in a rainbow for a striking design statement.  A fantastic gift for anyone who loves the analog aesthetic of old film.
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About the Author

The Impossible Project
In 2008, The Impossible Project saved the last Polaroid factory from demolition and launched a new line of film that works in old Polaroid and analog cameras. Saving over 300,000,000 Polaroid cameras from landfills, The Impossible Project has launched a series of online campaigns to promote their film and engage their audience. Additionally, The Impossible Project hosts exhibitions in art spaces all over the world. Their website is a hub of creativity, comprising of photo projects and challenges that invite photographers to share their images on the site. More by The Impossible Project
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