Draw 50 Famous Cartoons

The Step-by-Step Way to Draw Your Favorite Classic Cartoon Characters

About the Book

A barrel of laughs is what aspiring cartoonists of all ages will have while they learn to draw their favorite characters from the funny pages.
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Draw 50 Famous Cartoons

The novice with a musical instrument is frequently taught to play simple melodies as quickly as possible, well before he learns the most elemental scratchings at the surface of music theory. The resultant self-satisfaction, pride in accomplishment, can be a significant means of providing motivation. And all from mimicking an instructor's "Do as I do."
Mimicry is a prerequisite for developing creativity. We learn the use of our tools by mimicry. Then we can use those tools for creativity. To this end I would offer the budding artist the opportunity to memorize or mimic (rote-like, if you wish) the making of cartoons-- cartoons he has been anxious to be able to draw.

Draw 50 Series

Draw 50 Beasties
Draw 50 Birds
Draw 50 Boats, Ships, Trucks, and Trains
Draw 50 Buildings and Other Structures
Draw 50 Creepy Crawlies
Draw 50 Endangered Animals
Draw 50 Magical Creatures
Draw 50 Aliens
Draw 50 Animal 'Toons
Draw 50 Cats
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About the Author

Lee J. Ames
LEE J. AMES has created more than 27 books in the Draw 50 series, including, most recently The Draw 50 Way. He lives in Mission Viejo, California. More by Lee J. Ames
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