The Time Garden

A Magical Journey and Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book

About the Book

Step into a magical world with this dazzlingly beautiful coloring book for all ages and explore a fantastical cuckoo-clock inspired realm
“Intricately drawn . . . [offers] an experience that is both meditative and creatively stimulating.”—The A.V. Club
One night, a young girl’s father brings home an antique cuckoo clock. Journey with her through the doors of this mysterious clock into its inky inner workings and discover a magical land of clock gears, rooftops, starry skies, and giant flying owls—all ready for you to customize with whatever colors you can dream up.

Cuckoo . . . cuckoo . . . cuckoo . . . When the clock strikes midnight, you’ll wonder—was it all a dream?
The Time Garden has extra-thick craft paper and a removable—and colorable!—jacket. Featuring gorgeous gold foil on the cover and a customizable dedication page, The Time Garden is perfect for anyone looking to add some magic into their lives.

Unleash your creativity with Daria Song’s whimsical Time series:
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Praise for The Time Garden

“[With] bucolic scenes and details from nature . . . The Time Garden stands out to me for its story-like quality of illustrations as you flip from one page to the next. Also, it has great, thick paper that makes this one a terrific gift, too.”Cool Mom Picks

“Have you ever wanted to relieve stress and just scribble some colors the way that you did when you were a kid? Witness the amazing adult coloring book by Korean artist Daria Song!”Crave

The Time Garden is a must read (and color) for adults looking to de-stress and have fun and everyone who is really still just a kid at heart!”—Nerdophiles

“This unique coloring book begins with a brief story introducing illustrations that follow a little girl on a magical journey to worlds of mystery and then home again.”Omnivoracious
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The Time Garden

There once was a little girl who had boundless imagination, and exploring was one of her favorite things to do. Every object in the house that caught her eye had a brilliant story of its own. 

One day, the little girl’s father brought home an antique cuckoo clock from Germany. The girl was captivated by the strange and exotic new clock. She could not understand how it worked without batteries, or any kind of electric power.

She was so curious that she decided to give it a closer look that night, after her parents went to bed, and she had the whole house to herself. 

Cuckoo, cuckoo . . . cuckoo. 

When the clock struck its final cuckoo at midnight, she climbed up the wall to take a closer look and was surprised to find a strange, red-haired little fairy inside, winding up the clockwork. The girl cried out in surprise and fell flat on her back. 

At that moment, she realized that her house had transformed into something different, something that looked like the exotic new clock from Germany. Just as she recovered her senses, she caught a glimpse of the red-haired fairy dashing away. The girl started to run after the fairy, and soon found herself in a world of fantasy and dreams. 

As she continued her journey, she saw a series of beautiful worlds one after the other, each full of mystery and allure. The girl and her fairy friend continued their adventure until she finally encountered the doorway back to reality.

Time Adult Coloring Books Series

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The Time Garden

About the Author

Daria Song
Daria Song has a master’s degree in fiber arts from the Ewha Womans University Graduate School of Fine Arts. She spent five years of her childhood in San Francisco before returning to Korea, and the sense of wonder and mystery that comes from living in a far-off place inspired her internationally bestselling adult coloring book series: The Time Garden, The Time Chamber, and The Night Voyage. More by Daria Song
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