Seeds and Pods

Seeds and Pods

24 Postcards

About the Book

This beautifully designed book of 24 postcards showcases the exquisite colors, textures, and shapes of seeds through rare botanical art. Gardeners, artists, and lovers of the natural world will delight in this collection of rare botanical portraits of seeds: their elegantly designed pods, patterns, packings, husks, shells, and stems. Each of the 24 cards features a different seed, and can be sent, saved or framed.
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About the Author

The New York Botanical Garden
The New York Botanical Garden is an iconic living museum founded in 1891. It is a National Historic Landmark, with 250 acres supporting over one million living plants. Each year more than one million visitors walk the grounds to enjoy the remarkable diversity of tropical, temperate, and desert flora and to attend beloved annual events such as The Holiday Train Show and The Orchid Show. More by The New York Botanical Garden
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