The Nasty Woman Game

A Card Game for Every Feminist

About the Book

"Like Cards Against Humanity with a feminist twist" [Cosmopolitan], this game lets you say what you really think--just don't get Trumped! 

"Part comedy, part strategy, part conversation starter, and all in good, feminist fun." --Bustle

You can never have enough feminists on your side when it comes to fighting the patriarchy. In the game of Nasty Woman, you take turns drawing cards, following the prompts, and strategizing your next move to collect as many Nasty Woman Cards as possible--including Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Gloria Steinem, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Shout out saucy answers to any Statement Cards to win more Nasty Woman cards. Draw the You’re Trumped Card, and you’re out of the game, loser—unless you can trade in a Nasty Woman Card to save you. The last player standing after all other players have been eliminated wins the game--and is the nastiest feminist of them all.

Fun for ages 12 and up and 3 to 9 players // This game includes:
-20 Nasty Woman Cards
-55 fill-in-the-blank Statement Cards
-25 Action Cards (including Girl Gang, Attack of the Mansplainer, and Visionary Cards)
-10 You’re Trumped Cards
-Instructions with Nasty Woman Bios and Feminist Field Notes

Celebrate your favorite feminists // Featured Nasty Women include:
Susan B. Anthony
Hillary Clinton
Angela Davis
Kathleen Hanna
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Yuri Kochiyama
Winona LaDuke
Queen Lili'uokalani
Audre Lorde
Janet Mock
Michelle Obama
Rosa Parks
Sally Ride
Sylvia Rivera
Gloria Steinem
Maxine Waters
Ida B. Wells
Serena Williams
Oprah Winfrey

Learn along the way // The Feminist Field Notes give definitions and context for terms and phrases like:
The Bechdel Test 
Double Standard
Gender Pay Gap
Internalized Misogyny
Lack of Female Representation
Male Gaze
Men's Rights Activist
Paid Maternity Leave
Pink Tax
Pussy Hat
Toxic Masculinity 
Victim Blaming 
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Praise for The Nasty Woman Game

"Trash-talking the patriarchy makes for a pretty perfect 'girls' night in'--and [The Nasty Woman Game] is as woke as it is hilarious. If you roll your eyes at every manspreader on the train and keep regular tabs on RBG's well-being, this is the game for you." 

[The Nasty Woman Game] is the kind of casual, funny, frustrated, empowering socio-political conversations you’re already having with your friends in card game form."

"Round up the badass babes in your vicinity for a game of Nasty Woman--like Cards Against Humanity with a feminist twist."

"A thought-provoking feminist card game. This game encourages players to get up close and personal with friends and family about fighting the patriarchy in a fun, accessible format. Plus, with every set purchased from the Shrill Society site, a donation is made to an organization like Planned Parenthood, She Should Run, or the ACLU."

"We LOVED playing The Nasty Woman Game with our friends. The prompts inspired some seriously hilarious responses but what surprised us was the powerful conversation and deep tangents that sprang forth from our group. After playing I felt even closer to my friends and my own creative consciousness. This is a very funny game with a lot of depth--much like the women in my life."
--Jenny Joslin, Annette Mia Flores, and Kendall Watkins, Co-founders of High Herstory
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The Nasty Woman Game


Objective: Assemble your girl gang by collecting the most Nasty Woman Cards to take down the patriarchy. Be the last player standing or the one with the most Nasty Woman Cards to win the game.


1. Separate the Nasty Woman face cards from the rest of the deck and deal one Nasty Woman Card to each player. Place the rest of the Nasty Woman Cards in a pile in the middle of the table. 

2. Separate the fill-in-the-blank Statement Cards from the remaining cards (the Action Cards). Count out thirty Statement Cards and put away the rest for another game. (You need only thirty Statement Cards to play, but you can add more for a longer game.)

3. From the thirty Statement Cards, randomly pull one card per player and set them aside facedown. Add the rest of the thirty Statement Cards to the Action Cards and shuffle the deck. Add the set-aside Statement Cards to the top of the deck, and place it facedown in a draw pile separate from the Nasty Woman Cards.


Decide who should go first (how about the person who has been registered to vote the longest or whose birthday is closest to Election Day?). Play moves to the left.

Round 1: The fun begins with players taking turns drawing a Statement Card from the top of the deck, allowing the other players the opportunity to win them in order to earn more Nasty Women Cards (see below for how to play a Statement Card).

Further rounds: Continue taking turns drawing from the top of the draw pile, presenting any Statement Cards to the group for responses or following the instructions on the Action Cards. Unless otherwise instructed, end your turn by placing the card in a separate discard pile.

• If you draw a Statement Card, you get to be the judge! Read the statement aloud to the other players. They complete the fillin-the-blank statement by yelling out answers in no particular order. Award the card to the player whom you think has the best answer; play then proceeds to the left. Once you are awarded three Statement Cards, immediately trade them in for one Nasty Woman Card. Once only two players remain, the eliminated players take turns reading the Statement Cards and being the judge for the remainder of the game. 

• If you draw a You’re Trumped Card, then you’re out of the game, loser, unless you can trade in one of your Nasty Woman Cards to keep playing—she’s a badass who can save you! Place the card on the bottom of the Nasty Woman pile, discard the You’re Trumped Card, and stay in the game. Even if she was your last card, you’re still in the game, but be sure to earn a Nasty Woman Card ASAP!

• If you draw a lucky Girl Gang Card, combine it with one Statement Card and trade them in for a Nasty Woman Card. You cannot combine more than one Girl Gang Card to earn a Nasty Woman Card. If you do not have a Statement Card, as soon as you win one, immediately trade it in with your Girl Gang card for a Nasty Woman Card.

• If you draw any other Action Card, simply follow the action on the card and discard it to end your turn. For Attack Cards that cause you to lose a card, choose any card from your hand to give up, unless you have no cards, in which case you’re out of the game. If you have only a Nasty Woman Card, then you have to give that up, even if it’s your last card.


The last player still in the game when all other players have been eliminated or the person with the most Nasty Woman Cards when the deck runs out wins the game. Just as in real life, the more amazing feminists you have on your side, the greater your chances of winning.

TIP: Don’t know a name or term? Check out the bios and the field notes in these instructions, or pull out your phone and do a little research. Just be sure you share your findings with the group.

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