Get Outside

A Journal for Refreshing Your Spirit in Nature

About the Book

For nature lovers seeking a greater appreciation of God's creation comes a guided journal featuring inspirational quotes, thoughtful journaling prompts, and valuable information to enhance every outdoor adventure.

Designed to be sturdy enough to be taken along on nature hikes or any outdoor excursions, this beautifully designed guided journal will help you become more attentive to the handiwork of God in the great outdoors and in your own heart.

An activity log provides space to record every outdoor adventure, while guides to cloud formations, flora and fauna, navigation by the stars, outdoor photography, and wilderness safety give you the confidence to wander off the beaten path. Additional features include the top ten outdoor survival myths, a state-by-state list of top outdoor destinations, dos and don'ts of day hiking, how U.S. mountains compare in elevation, and hidden or often overlooked locations throughout the country.

Whether you're an expert adventurer or you simply enjoy a quiet walk in the nearest park, Get Outside will make your time in nature more memorable and spiritually fulfilling.
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Get Outside


As Robert Frost once wrote, sometimes taking the road less traveled can make all the difference. We couldn’t agree more! We are glad you’ve decided to take what may be your first steps to finding God in nature with us. Whether you’re new to outdoor adventure, an avid weekend trekker, or a wilderness expert, we share your enthusiasm and hope this book will enhance your experiences.

In the pages that follow, you will find an interactive activity log, guided journaling pages, inspiring quotes from nature lovers throughout the ages, as well as blank pages for sketching or posting photos of your adventures. Plus, we couldn’t resist including additional practical features such as:

• how to read the clouds
• top outdoor attractions for each U.S. state
• tips for navigating by the stars
• ways to improve your nature photography
• and much more!

Remember, every journey begins with a single step. May each destination you encounter expand your worldview and help you see the fingerprints of God everywhere you look.

About the Author

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