I Love the Earth

A Journal for Celebrating and Protecting Our Planet

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About the Book

From the New York Times bestselling author of Women in Science comes an inspiring guided journal that will help you reflect on our planet and your impact upon it.

Based on Rachel Ignotofsky's beautiful and informative book The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth, this journal is full of colorful, hand-drawn art and prompts that encourage people, old and young, to learn about the world's ecosystems, contemplate how their carbon footprint affects the Earth, and come up with ways to make positive changes for the environment. Rachel's art is stylized, singular, and engaging, full of punchy color and interesting detail, and she has a particular passion and talent for communicating scientific information visually.

The journal opens with a short infographic reference section that explains how our planet works and how we can help save it, and then features engaging writing and drawing prompts, as well as inspiring quotes about the natural world. Perfect for nature lovers ages ten and up, this journal is an inspiring, interactive way to understand the world we live in.
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I Love the Earth

About this Journal

We live on one amazing planet. From the mysteries of our deep oceans to the wonders of our tropical rainforests, there is so much to discover and explore! 

Do you love animals, plants, and being outside? Do you care about protecting our planet? If so, then this journal is for you! This is a place for you to write down your ideas, ask questions about the world around you, and dream big for the future. There are also some handy reference pages in the front that will help you better understand the earth. 

Happy Journaling!

About the Author

Rachel Ignotofsky
Rachel Ignotofsky is a New York Times bestselling author, illustrator, and designer. Rachel and her work have been featured in many print and online media outlets such as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Scientific American, Science Friday, Brain Pickings, and more. She is the author of Women in Science, Women in Sports, Women in Art, I Love Science, and The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth. She is a graduate of Tyler School of Art’s graphic design program. More by Rachel Ignotofsky
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