The Well Journal

A Guided Journal for Mindful Eating and Better Living

About the Book

This gorgeously designed journal will help you think about how you eat so you can make choices to feel healthier, happier, and better overall.

Nutritionist Mia Rigden believes that good food is the key to living your best life. Whether your goal is increased energy and productivity, improved mood, weight loss, or simply eating more vegetables, being mindful of and logging what you eat will will help you get the results you’ve been working toward. With space to track meals, sleep, exercise, mindfulness practices, and how you feel, The Well Journal will help you connect the dots between what you eat and other aspects of your well-being so that you can feel empowered and deeply satisfied by your food choices.
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The Well Journal

Welcome to The Well Journal

This bite-size book was born out of extensive research and experience watching people’s lives change as they altered their eating habits. As a nutritionist, I’ve seen countless pounds and inches lost, but the most remarkable shifts are never reflected on the scale. Some of the most profound benefits of adopting healthy habits include increased energy, mood, and productivity, improved sleep, stronger relationships, and finding joy in eating nutrient-dense foods.

Diets don’t work because they don’t fit into our lives. They generally have a start and an end date, involve restrictive or labor-intensive meals (which you probably don’t enjoy), and are very difficult to sustain while traveling, celebrating birthdays, at work events—or basically, just living a real life! Instead of looking toward fad diets, trendy supplements, or magical potions to answer your wellness woes, focus on creating healthy lifestyle habits. Incorporating even the smallest changes can make a big impact over time, and when you discover foods that make you feel as great as they taste, you’ll never have to diet again.

So how do you get there? The only way to change your actions is to be aware of them in the first place. Studies consistently show that self-monitoring leads to positive health outcomes, including weight loss, increased physical activity levels, and overall consciousness of both quantity and quality of foods consumed. This journal is not about counting calories—in fact, I wholeheartedly discourage it. Completing your daily entries is really an exercise in mindfulness. Whether you constantly snack at work, overindulge in sweets after dinner, or generally don’t eat enough vegetables, your journal will help you recognize these habits, the conditions in which they take place, and their long—and short—term effects. While what you eat is undeniably important, when it comes to changing habits, it’s critical to also take note of the why and the how. Where are you hitting roadblocks? What are the situations and circumstances that prevent you from making the healthy choices that you want to make? How can you learn from all those times you’ve felt tired, irritable, bloated, or unwell, and how can you make food choices that will support the lifestyle and person you aspire to be?

There is not one way of eating that works for everyone. We are all unique and magical beings; like different foods; were brought up differently; have distinct genetics and biology; have different work schedules, family and social obligations; and have cultural and religious practices that influence what we eat. It is my hope that the following pages will help you connect the dots. How do your eating habits support (or hinder) your quality of life? Nutrition is not an isolated part of your world. It is deeply connected to every part of you—physically, mentally, and spiritually. When you take the time to truly understand your body and your lifestyle, you will know exactly how you need to nourish it.

There is no right or wrong way to fill out your journal entries, but I do have one important rule: no judgments! Certain occasions call for indulgences and that’s okay. These journals are not meant to be perfect, they’re meant to be real. This is powerful information that you can use to achieve your wellness, personal, and professional goals.

Celebrate your best days and learn from the challenging ones. Use these pages to empower yourself to find wonderfully delicious and satisfying foods that make you look and feel your very best.

Nutritionist & Founder, RASA

About the Author

Mia Rigden
Mia Rigden is a Los Angeles-based nutritionist and founder of RASA, a holistic wellness practice. Mia is a professionally trained chef and works with clients globally through her signature whole foods detox, the RASA Challenge, as well as one-on-one coaching programs, wellness consulting, and recipe development. Mia is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, the International Culinary Institute, and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has a master's from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. More by Mia Rigden
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