About the Book

This heartwarming picture book reassures children that a parent’s love never lets go—based on the poignant lyrics of JJ Heller’s beloved lullaby “Hand to Hold.”

“May the living light inside you be the compass as you go /
May you always know you have my hand to hold.”

With an engaging rhyme scheme, this book offers the promise of security and love every child’s heart longs to know. From skipping stones and counting stars to climbing trees and telling stories, every moment is wrapped snugly in the certain warmth of a parent’s presence and God’s blessing. With poignancy and joy, this bedtime read captures the unconditional love parents want their children to know but so often fail to express amid the chaos of daily life.
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Hand to Hold

Trees are made for climbing.
Days are made for sun.

Puddles are for jumping.
Fields are made to run.

Stars are made for counting
and for wishes coming true.

Sleep is made for dreaming,
and I have dreams for you.

About the Author

JJ Heller
JJ Heller crafts hopeful and contemplative songs of peace for the child inside all of us. Her songs and lullabies are heard by millions of listeners every month, and she's donated over 100,000 copies of her album I Dream of You to hospitals and families of young children. JJ lives in the Nashville area with her husband and two daughters. More by JJ Heller
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About the Author

Alyssa Petersen
Alyssa Petersen has worked in both the animation and illustration industries. She currently enjoys being a full-time mom and working as a freelance illustrator during naptime and after the kids go to bed. She lives in Texas with her husband and two children. More by Alyssa Petersen
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