52 Weeks of Gratitude

A One-Year Journal to Reflect, Pray, and Record Thankfulness

About the Book

Infuse spirituality and thankfulness into your daily life with this beautiful gratitude journal that offers a simple way to lower stress and improve happiness.

Scripture says, “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” But we could all use a little help actually making room for gratitude among our everyday busyness and concerns. 52 Weeks of Gratitude offers you a space to record and reflect on your blessings each week as you focus through the year on four major themes: Home, Community, Faith, and Beauty.

With its lovely full-color photographs and illustrations, this textured hardcover book is a perfect keepsake. The weekly format offers just the right amount of encouragement to inspire, motivate, and create a grateful heart in all who write in its pages.
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52 Weeks of Gratitude


When thou hast truly thanked the Lord for every blessing sent,
but litle time will then remain for murmur or lament.
—Hannah More

The feelings we experience day by day—anxiousness, contentment, anger, happiness—can be a product of our outlook rather than our circumstances. We all have the power to choose an attitude of gratitude.

Over the next fifty-two weeks, this journal will help you turn your thoughts toward recognizing the blessings God has poured into your life, even during difficult times. As you do so, you will experience greater joy and find inner strength.

This book is divided into four sections, each highlighting a sphere of life in which you can find much to be thankful for: your home, your community, your faith, and the beauty around you. Each week features a Bible verse, a reflection question to journal on, and an action prompt to help you develop the practice of being grateful. Finally, at the end, you’ll find a twelve-month gratitude list, where you can begin the daily habit of recording one thing you’re thankful for.

This year, resolve to make gratitude to God your first response when life threatens to overwhelm you. Observe how your heart changes when you focus on your blessings rather than your problems. And don’t be surprised if others around you start catching some of that joy!

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