Tasty Over the Top

High Drama, Low Maintenance: A Cookbook

About the Book

Have fun in the kitchen and wow your friends with 75 of Tasty’s biggest, boldest, and most show-stopping “Over the Top” recipes that are easy to make for any occasion.

Tasty is the online and Instagram go-to for creative, playful, and mouthwatering recipes. Tasty Over the Top is peak Tasty, with eye-catching recipes that are sure to impress (and no one needs to know that they’re easier than they look!).

Here you’ll find seventy-five recipes that raise the bar with minimal effort, like Breakfast Biscuit Nachos (yes, split biscuits baked on a sheet pan with all the fixins), a sloppy joe/bacon cheeseburger mash-up, a BLT deconstructed into the salad of your dreams (think maple-glazed bacon and mayo-toasted croutons!), and more delicious, out-of-this-world ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. This book is your all-access ticket to proving your chops and pulling out all the stops. Not only are these dishes unexpected and stunning, but they will also inspire you to explore a world of bold flavor combinations and to experiment with new techniques that will make you feel like a tried-and-true Tasty chef.
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Tasty Over the Top


First things first: let’s define Over the Top. Does “over the top” mean these are impossible recipes that require flawless technique and lots of equipment? Um, no, that book does not sound like fun at all. Does “over the top” mean you’ll be putting things on top of things? Yeah, that definitely happens here. There are also things in things, plus lots of drizzling and stuffing. But no, that’s not really the point either. Does “over the top” mean you’ll be exploring flavors, presentations, and combinations you’ve never considered? Yes! That you’ll tackle things that are wild beyond belief but still totally doable? Oh yes! That these recipes will encourage you to question everything you’ve always known to be true and mark the moment that begins now, your new life, full of over-the-top food? Yaaaassss!!! That’s absolutely what this book is all about.

“Over the top” can even be a small thing—often a simple thing—that makes the every-day extraordinary, such as Tomato Soup in a Grilled Cheese Bread Bowl (whaaaat? see page 60), Peanut Butter & Jelly Donuts (flip to page 34 to flip out), a Milkshake Overload that you have to see to believe (check the photo on page 134), or a Grilled BLT Salad (head to page 72) that has everything you love from the sandwich but in a salad. In this book, you’ll find 75 recipes that will blow your mind with their creativity, sneaky hacks, and Over the Top deliciousness.

While the recipes score big on flavor and creativity, they stay simple on ingredients and execution. For example, you may be making a Cheez-It Quiche, but you’re doing it with just six main ingredients (page 36, pronto!). Or a BBQ Sheet Pan Supper that’s just a matter of wrapping things in foil and baking them all together on a sheet pan with collards, mac, ribs, and all (giddyup to page 81). Or—get this—a Salad Party Platter that’s as easy as unwrapping a few items, popping some lids, and laying salad ingredients on a table, but it’s also literally the most elegant thing you’ve ever seen (the glow-up starts on page 92). You’ll see a lot of packets, jars, cans, bags, and boxes of common grocery items throughout the book. It’s definitely a working-smarter-not-harder vibe in these pages.

When it comes to plating these treats, now is the time to go big and go bold. Over the top is a total mood. It’s confetti, sparklers, little cocktail umbrellas, RuPaul’s Drag Race, gel pens, WWE, mood rings, Jock Jams, Lisa Frank, T-shirt cannons, gold lamé, muscle cars, K-pop stans, Britney’s Instagram, hot dog eating contests, roller coasters, and tacky pool floats. Does that make sense? Don’t worry about it! Grab your wildest dish and dress it up, pile it on, glitter it, sauce it, garnish it. (That’s the big.) Or reject the flair and let the food speak for itself. (That’s the bold.) Sometimes a simple plating can be the most stunning presentation, and the surprise is all in the first bite. Or sometimes a truly insane plating can be like, “Ayo, bro get a pic of me for the ’gram real quick.” There’s no wrong way, only creative perspectives.

What’s most important is having fun. These recipes are meant to spark your imagination, make you laugh, make you think, and make you question what food can be. Go in with an open mind and see where it takes you. Nothing is that serious, most of all food, so start cooking with a wink and a little flair. That’s the real meaning of “over the top”!

About the Author

Tasty is the world’s largest social food network, reaching more than 500 million people around the globe with its signature fun, easy, and delicious video recipes. The brand is focused on making cooking practical and accessible for beginner cooks and expert chefs alike. Launched in 2015, Tasty has attracted more than 65 billion video views and is the biggest franchise on Facebook, reaching one in four users every month. It has studios in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Mexico City, and São Paulo, and a full product line including cookbooks, pots and pans, kitchen gadgets, and an assortment of grocery items spanning the wine section to frozen foods. More by Tasty
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