Minecraft Bite-Size Builds

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Discover new and exciting Minecraft builds made easy, broken down into manageable pieces—written in official partnership with the experts at game-creator Mojang.

Learn how to design, build and customize 20 mini-projects in Minecraft, from firefighter planes and deep-sea submarines to hidden bunkers and mini arcade games. There's even a superhero flying school!

Each build is accompanied by exploded views and step-by-step, fully-illustrated guides and detailed instructions to show you how to complete each build from start to finish. Informative text will help you with your construction understanding and encourage you to use your new knowledge to create your very own builds.

Under the Cover

An excerpt from Minecraft Bite-Size Builds


Welcome to Bite-Size Builds! This book is packed with fun mini-projects for you to build in Minecraft. There’s lots to try out, including a fairy treehouse, a firefighter plane, an arcade game and more. There’s also a superhero flying school! How cool is that?

There’s always more to learn when you’re playing Minecraft, but don’t worry! With exploded diagrams and detailed step-by-step instructions, this book will take you all the way from start to finish, with each build ready to teach you new tricks as you progress. The builds vary from small to large and from simple to difficult. Check out the key on each build to find out more.

This book embraces creativity and we encourage you to do so, too. If you feel your build will look better with different blocks or tweaked designs, follow your instinct and make these builds your own. Soon, you’ll be showing off your incredible talent to the world around you.

- About the author -

Mojang AB is a games studio based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Minecraft Bite-Size Builds


Minecraft Bite-Size Builds

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