The Stories of God (and Kiki)

About the Book

From the creators of The Inventions of God (and Eva) comes a delightfully illustrated picture book that tells the story of would-be author and artist Kiki—and the God who created her to be a lot like Him.

Little Kiki is an aspiring author and illustrator who weaves daring tales about swashbuckling otters, all-knowing sea cucumbers, and nail-biting rescues from the clutches of gerblins (part gerbil, part goblin). But where do her imagination, creativity, and ideas come from?
Meet God, the author of all stories. He writes adventurous tales such as Esther Saves Her Family and Friends, Jesus and the Tomb that Couldn’t Hold Him, and the Story of Kiki.

Kiki loves to write but sometimes she forgets to include important pieces (like the time she forgot to give the ship’s cook a kitchen). God also loves to write, and He knows exactly what every story needs. They are both writing their biggest story of all, and the endings are bound to be incredible.
Children and parents alike will delight in the playful illustrations, imaginative side stories, and the gentle reminder that the image of God is alive in each of us. 
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The Stories of God (and Kiki)

This is Kiki.

This is God. 


He's hard to draw. 

Kiki knows this. 

She's tried.

God and Kiki are a lot alike . . . 

because God made Kiki to be just like Him.

Made in His Image Series

The Stories of God (and Kiki)
The Inventions of God (and Eva)

About the Author

Dave Connis
Dave Connis is a former librarian and the author of several YA novels, including The Temptation of Adam and Suggested Reading, recipient of a starred review from Kirkus Reviews. He lives in Georgia with his wife, three kids, and a dog that barks at nonexistent threats. More by Dave Connis
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About the Author

Amy Domingo
Amy Domingo is an illustrator and designer based in the Philippines. Inspired by a childlike faith and wonder, her art playfully brings Scripture truths to life. Find her sermon notes and faith-filled art on her Instagram. More by Amy Domingo
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