Hues of You

An Activity Book for Learning About the Skin You Are In

About the Book

Help children celebrate the incredible range of hues all around them with this activity book that provides an interactive, engaging, and age-appropriate way to navigate conversations around skin tone, race, and racism.

Every person’s skin has a particular shade—or hue—that we can appreciate. Children naturally wonder: Why are there so many skin colors? Why do I look a lot like some people and different from others? Which words best describe my skin color? 
But sometimes we feel uncomfortable talking about skin tone, ethnicity, and race. That’s about to change! Inside these pages, kids will get to explore the ways each of us is uniquely designed and discover positive, creative ways to think and talk about the wonderful diversity of hues found in humanity. 
Crafted by an experienced educator and advocate for antiracism, Hues of You is divided into four main sections: Hues of You, Hues of Your Family, Hues of Your Ancestors, and Hues of Your Friends. This activity book offers a smart and honest starting point to spark natural, effective, and meaningful conversations in our families, schools, and communities.
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Hues of You

Hi, Friends!

You are smart!
You are brave!
You are creative!
You make the world a brighter, better, and more beautiful place to live!

I created this activity book in celebration of your imagination and the light you bring to the world. As my children explored the world around them, they asked questions and made observations about the differences in how we look. Each Hues of You activity was inspired by our learning journey. Together, we read lots of books to help us understand how we get our skin tones. We also had many talks that helped us appreciate ourselves and our friends as unique little parts of the big human story.

By the time you finish Hues of You, you will have plenty of words and understanding to keep exploring our multihued world. I hope that in some way each activity helps you become a little smarter, a little braver, and a whole lot more creative!

Cheering you on,

Lucretia Carter Berry

About the Author

Lucretia Carter Berry, PhD
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About the Author

Adia Carter
Adia Carter has lived her entire life in North Carolina. She has had a passion for drawing since she was a child and is studying studio art at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She feels that open discussion and the introduction of true information about the origin of and science behind race could be the gateway to a more accepting society—especially if we are encouraged to start the dialogue about these issues while we’re young. More by Adia Carter
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